Sandhata – Our History

Who we are

Sandhata is a global niche consultancy company that develops innovative and enterprise-wide DevOps-centric service propositions. We respond to business and technical challenges faced by the biggest and most complex organisations. We have a reputation for tackling the most complex issues and can optimise IT delivery across the enterprise. We aim to transform your digital business!

Sandhata has many years of experience in accelerating software delivery in complex legacy systems.

  • We deliver ground-breaking solutions to our customers, transforming their mainframes and enabling them to become lean and responsive.
  • We understand the unique challenges posed by mainframes, which make it difficult to adopt DevOps or CI/CD, as well as the common challenges experienced with distributed IT systems.
  • We bring the knowledge, experience and expertise to accelerate mainframe transformation, bringing them up to pace with the rest of the technology shops.

Sandhata was founded in the UK in 2005 by Srinivasa Alluri, Babji Vundavilli, Khalai Chelvan and Kumar Narayanan. They started delivering services in system integration, believing they could provide a better quality service than other System Integrators operating at the time.

Since then, Sandhata has expanded to offer DevOps and IT transformation services as well as system integration, more recently focusing on modernising legacy technologies. Sandhata now has employees in all corners of the globe and have delivered services to more than 20 Tier 1 organisations.


20th September 2005

  • Sandhata UK is formed in Oct 2005 by 4 senior integration consultants who believe they can provide a better quality service than other System Integrators.
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20th September 2006

  • Sandhata India is formed.
  • We start working with EE (formerly Orange) and Vodafone.
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20th September 2007

  • Sandhata UK opens an office in Reading.
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19th September 2008

  • We partner with Green Hat to deliver integration test automation and service virtualisation.
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19th September 2010

  • We start working in Financial Services for RBS.
  • We build integration ‘Centre of Excellence’ in RBS Markets.
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19th September 2012

  • Sandhata UK opens an office in Cornhill, London.
  • We become an IBM Tier 1 Business Partner after IBM acquired Green Hat.
  • Sandhata US opens an office in Wall Street.
  • Sandhata South Africa opens an office in Johannesburg.
  • Sandhata New Zealand opens an office in Wellington.
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13th September 2013

  • We work with Forrester on ‘The ROI of Service Virtualisation at RBS’.
  • Sandhata India opens an office in Hitech City, Hyderabad.
  • We become an SAP Accredited Partner.
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19th September 2014

  • Sandhata India moves to purpose-built office in Hyderabad.
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19th September 2015

  • We win an IBM Beacon Award for our DevOps Testing Practice.
  • We win the 2015 IBM Innovation Award for our ‘GreenSAP’ DevOps solution.
  • We become an Akana partner.
  • We become a CloudOne partner.
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19th September 2016

  • Our DevOps Advisory service is launched.
  • A new fully fledged application, Sandhata Bank, is created on our internal DevOps Innovation Platform using collaboratiove and Agile delivery practices to develop and showcase new solutions.
  • We become a XebiaLabs partner.
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19th September 2017

  • Our DevOps KPI and Analytics Advisory service is launched.
  • Our DevOps Innovation Platform is enhanced to include integration with AWS and our new KPI framework.
  • We become a CA Partner.
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18th September 2018

  • Our DevOps for Mainframe Advisory service is launched.
  • Our Mainframe Automation project shortlisted for the DevOps Excellence Awards.
  • Sandhata India opens a new Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) in Chennai.
  • We become a Compuware partner.
  • We become a DBMaestro partner.
  • We win ‘Best Overall Testing Project’ at TESTA 2018.
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5th February 2019

  • Landmark survey conducted “The State of DevOps in Mainframe”
  • We launch Sandy – the DevOps brain!
  • Selected as a finalist in the DevOps Industry Awards 2019 for “Best overall DevOps project in the communication sector”
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12th February 2020

  • We become a Delphix partner.
  • Sandhata India opens a new Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC) in Pune.
  • Our ‘Agile Change Management Process’ is launched.
  • Winners – “DevOps Project of the Year” in the DevOps Excellence Awards 2020.
  • Winners – “Project Team of the Year” in the Digital Tech Leader Awards 2020.
  • Our ‘Mainframe Test Automation’ service is launched.
  • Our ‘PopUp Mainframe’ service is launched.
  • Winners – “Best DevOps Automation Solution” in the Tech Ascension Awards 2020.
  • Winners – “Best Overall DevOps Project – Communication Sector” DevOps Industry Awards 2020.
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27th May 2021

  • Finalists – “DevOps Project of the Year”, “Best DevOps Team”, “Best Automation Project” in the DevOps Excellence Awards 2021.
  • Winner – “Best Automation Project” in the Digital Technology Leader Awards 2021.
  • Finalist – “Best Overall Testing Project – Communication” in the European Software Testing Awards 2021.
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