Sandhata Reimagined Women’s Day: Empowering Through Impact

A Bold Move Towards Purpose

This Women’s Day, Sandhata took a bold step away from tradition. In a resounding departure from convention this Women’s Day, Sandhata embarked on a trailblazing journey, led by the organization itself in honour of its remarkable women employees.

Sandhata chose purposeful action to empower women far beyond the realms of the workplace.
Recognizing the evolving ethos of this significant day, Sandhata’s leadership redirected resources towards carefully selected charitable endeavours.

This decisive move underscored the organization’s unwavering commitment to championing causes that resonate with its values and drive tangible, meaningful change. The unveiling of Sandhata’s partnership with a specific organization soon followed, serving as a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication to advancing the lives of women beyond the confines of its walls.

It became a celebration of collective strength and a stirring call to action, inviting all to contemplate the transformative potential of purpose-driven support.

Beyond the Walls: Extending Our Impact

In a transformative stride echoing Sandhata’s ethos of purpose-driven action and community empowerment, Sandhata planned to bolster impactful women’s charities in both India and the UK. This strategic decision, made in homage to Sandhata’s exceptional Women of Sandhata (WOS), marks a pivotal leap towards amplifying the organization’s impact beyond organizational boundaries.

Inspired by the resilience and dedication of Sandhata’s women, several representatives took proactive measures to identify deserving charitable causes. Among them, the Indian Chennai Charity emerged as a beacon of hope, dedicated to uplifting and empowering women in the Chennai community, at Children’s Home of Hope. 

As part of the organization’s commitment to effecting tangible change, these representatives embarked on a visit to witness firsthand the transformative impact of the organization’s initiatives.

The visit provided a poignant insight into the lives of women whose stories of resilience and triumph over adversity serve as a testament to the power of collective support and opportunity. It was a stark reminder of the profound impact achievable through collaboration and purposeful action.

This gesture epitomizes Sandhata’s core values of compassion, empowerment, and community
engagement. By investing in initiatives that empower women and foster positive change, the
organization not only honors the remarkable contributions of its women employees but also
reaffirms its commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society, locally and globally.

Beyond Borders: A Global Commitment

In addition to Sandhata’s endeavors in India, its UK team made a substantial contribution to the
empowerment of women to the Wonder Foundation UK, an organization dedicated to supporting
women and girls through education and training programs. This gesture underscores Sandhata’s dedication to effecting change on a global scale, ensuring that women everywhere have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Through these concerted efforts, Sandhata aims to extend its support beyond its immediate community and contribute to the empowerment and well-being of those in need. As an organization that values its women employees, Sandhata believes in uplifting others and creating a positive impact wherever it can.

This Women’s Day, Sandhata celebrated the spirit of giving and compassion that binds its community together.

The Sandhata Experience: Amplifying Empowerment:

We’re thrilled to highlight the experiences of Sandhata’s India (Chennai,Pune,Hyderabad,Bangalore)& UK employees who participated in the chosen charity events:

Women of Sandhata Charity

Sandhata Triumphs Globally at DevOps Awards 2023: A Resounding Victory Among Industry Leaders

Sandhata Technologies and Vodafone have recently clinched a Triple Crown victory at the prestigious DevOps Awards 2023, marking a significant achievement that validates our unwavering commitment to excellence in the DevOps domain.

DevOps Awards 2023

The DevOps Awards 2023 event, a distinguished gathering in the technology industry, took place at London on 25 October.

This prestigious event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate exemplary achievements in the realm of DevOps, bringing together leading organizations and professionals dedicated to advancing innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the field.

In the fiercely competitive global landscape, Sandhata Technologies emerged as the unrivalled victor at the DevOps Awards 2023, surpassing formidable contenders on a global scale. Amidst stiff competition from industry leaders, our triumphant win of three prestigious awards underscores the magnitude of our achievements. 

Navigating through a field of distinguished competitors, the recognition as the “Best DevOps Team of the Year,” “Best Use of DevOps Technology,” and “Best Cultural Transformation” solidifies Sandhata’s position as a trailblazer in the DevOps domain. This victory isn’t just an accolade; it signifies our ability to stand out and excel amidst the best in the industry. 

The global nature of this competition, with participation from prominent leaders, magnifies the significance of our triumph. Winning three awards amidst such formidable contenders is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and transformative cultural practices. 

Team Sandhata DevOps Winner

This achievement not only positions Sandhata Technologies as a global force in DevOps but also highlights our dedication to setting new benchmarks and leading the way in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. 

Categories Won

The recent DevOps Awards 2023 witnessed Sandhata Technologies and Vodafone securing three prominent accolades: 

Best DevOps Team of the Year: Sandhata Technologies emerged as the Best DevOps Team of the Year, underscoring our dedication to innovative practices and collaborative work. 

Best Use of DevOps Technology: Our strategic implementation of technology positioned us as leaders in the effective utilization of DevOps tools and methodologies. 

Best Cultural Transformation: Recognizing the transformation in our workplace culture, fostering an environment conducive to groundbreaking ideas and innovation. 

Following the conclusion of the DevOps Awards 2023 event, Sandhata Technologies and Vodafone achieved a triple win, representing a significant milestone. Our forward-looking commitment is focused on raising industry benchmarks and driving advancements in the continually evolving DevOps landscape. 

For organizations interested in leveraging our expertise or exploring collaborative opportunities, we invite you to connect with us. 

Generic Message Buffering

Generic Message Buffering | Camunda 7

Imagine multiple messages waiting in a message catch event.  

When a single throw event is triggered, the data is processed without any issues. However, if multiple message events are thrown simultaneously, only the first one is successfully processed, while the others fail.  

This is because the message catch event is busy handling the first message event. 

We recently spotted this issue with Camunda 7’s message catch event. 

Unlocking The Solution To This Challenge 

Our team of experts fabricated a groundbreaking “Generic Message Buffering” logic, with which we’ve revolutionised the way messages are processed asynchronously, effectively resolving any scenario you may encounter.   

Fig. 1.1 unveils the powerful list of message catch events eagerly awaiting the trigger. 



 In Figure 2.1, we present the logic for Generic Message Buffering. By sending a POST request, we can activate the BPM process described below. Additionally, we have the ability to specify the retry count and retry delay as request parameters. Once the request is triggered, we conduct a basic validation to ensure all necessary information, such as message name, payload, process instance id, and business key, is present.  

If all the required data is available, we proceed to send the message to its destination within the “Message Send Task” depicted in Figure 2.1.  

If the message is successfully picked up and processed by the message catch event, we encounter no issues.  


In a situation where the message catch event is already occupied processing another message, throwing our own message will result in failure. This is a common occurrence in real-time scenarios, and it is up to the developers to determine how the flow should be handled in such cases. 

In our specific case, the failed message will be caught by the boundary event. The error message will then be examined in detail within the “Read Error Message” process (Fig 2.1). 

In the event of an error, we can:  

  • Distinguish between errors that require retry logic.  
  • Determine if it is a business error or a technical error.  
  • Necessitate the involvement of technical experts, if it happens to be a business error 

When encountering a retriable error, we make an attempt to retry the operation. The number of retries and the delay between retries is determined by the input request. 

Potential Scenarios In Re-try

In the context of re-try logic, there are two potential scenarios to consider: 

  • In one of the re-try attempts, the message can be successfully delivered to the end system. 

Fig 3.1

  • Alternatively, if the maximum number of re-try attempts is reached without success, the message will be marked as an error. 

 If the maximum re-try attempts have been exceeded and the message still hasn’t been delivered successfully, it will require manual re-processing (see Fig 3.2). 

Fig 3.2



  Key Advantages  

  • Streamlined Error Handling: By effectively managing busy message catch events, we can significantly mitigate potential errors during data processing. 
  • Efficient Data Re-processing: Our approach allows for a substantial reduction in the amount of data that needs to undergo re-processing. 
  • Versatile Solution: Utilizing the same bpmn models, we can easily adapt and apply them to various similar use cases simply by modifying the message name. 

 Optimizing Efficiency 

 In order to optimize efficiency, it is vital that both the target BPM and the message buffering BPM are connected to a centralized database. This will allow for seamless integration and streamlined performance. Maintaining a unified database instance is key to achieving optimal results. 


Sandhata Forms Partnership With Kong

05 April 2023 – Sandhata, a top-ranked company for DevOps and digital transformation in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Kong – a cloud-native API platform trusted by numerous innovative organizations across the globe. The aim of this collaboration is to offer simplified and user-friendly API management solutions and integration services for regional businesses.

This partnership is a huge step for Sandhata as it will enable them to expand their skills, meet new performance benchmarks, and explore new ways to grow their business. Besides, both Sandhata and Kong will jointly present solutions to customers, utilizing the industry-leading capabilities of Kong and the 18+ years of experience that Sandhata has in automation, system integration, and the API world.

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