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We are proud to announce that Sandhata, in partnership with Vodafone, were chosen as the winner of “Most Innovative Project 2023”. The Unicom India DevOps Awards showcases outstanding achievement from organisations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

At Sandhata most, if not all, of our customers are implementing DevOps ways of working. We support them to achieve the maximum business benefit from these initiatives, bringing our unique breadth of experience to overcome their most difficult challenges with innovative, game-changing solutions.

We adore innovation. We understand that ongoing innovation is the key to consistently meeting the customer’s changing needs and remaining competitive in today’s constantly evolving digitised market.

We are heavily focused on innovation at every level, both for our clients as well as internally. We believe that no improvement suggestion is too small and we coach all of our consultants to foster an innovative mindset.



Relentless innovation

certificate for Most Innovative Project 2023The Multiplexer solution was developed to address the shortage of end-to-end test environments. Lack of environments was severely restricting Vodafone’s ability to test changes at the speed needed.

This was a multifaceted challenge with no known solution in the industry. Innovative thinking was required!

The solution was the Multiplexer. This intelligently enables the simulation of multiple environments, so that every project can perform end-to-end testing in parallel.

The Multiplexer is an example of true innovation – building a solution out of necessity which immediately meets a business need.

The Multiplexer solution has been so successful and valuable that it has been implemented across three other Vodafone domains as well. With each additional rollout, the total cost of ownership drops as efficiencies of scale are realised.



The Ceremony

certificate and trophy for Most Innovative Project 2023Sandhata’s Head of India, Anand Rajagopalan, was pleased to attend the awards ceremony in person to collect the award.

This recognition adds another feather in our cap for our award-winning DevOps services.







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