Application Program Interface
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) decouple each IT component by abstracting the interface layer.

APIs are becoming more and more prevalent as the default communication method within organisations. But they have also moved outside of businesses. APIs are no longer just a way of connecting internal applications, they are important revenue streams and a key way to reach new customers and markets.

Sandhata's API Platform for API consumers

Do you need reliable, low cost APIs for your business which are openAPI and/or TM-forum compliant? Our brand new API Platform is available now, ready to integrate with your systems.

Currently we are offering the following APIs (all free to use, usage terms apply) with many more APIs available to use soon:

For more information, contact us.

Do you need your very own API Platform?

We also offer a full API Platform service for enterprises, tailored to suit your exact business needs.

Our API Platform offers:

  1. Create APIs with no code – API build tool saves time and effort
  2. Connect to your legacy systems and expose an API in minutes
  3. API Platform can be hosted on prem, cloud, or multi cloud in line with your cloud strategy
  4. Mature service dashboard to monitor and manage your APIs
  5. And more…

If you are ready to create APIs on your own API Platform, contact us and we can support you.

Sandhata helps you make your API journey successful

Sandhata was founded on DevOps and automation practices, and we bring our skills in these areas into the API space, with our knowledge of continuous delivery, end to end testing, and pipelines to increase the speed and quality of API delivery.

API Management diagram showing API Design, API gateway, Developer portal, API lifecycle manager, API dashboardOur expert teams have delivered and supported API programmes for multiple clients across the telecoms and financial sectors, delivering APIs in using REST/JSON, XML, SOAP over HTTP(S) and other communication methods.

Moving towards an “API First” strategy can meet resistance from those who don’t see the benefits of APIs.

Here at Sandhata we are experienced at delivering large DevOps transformations and overcoming the change management challenges, particularly cultural, which come with such broad, impactful initiatives.

We can advise on your API strategy and API adoption goals to ensure success.

How can APIs help your business?

 APIs are a critical foundation for digital transformation as they allow transformation across different functions at different speeds. Independence of functions enables low risk enterprise-wide transformation and adoption of emerging technologies, helping you move towards an application ecosystem which promotes agility and innovation.

 Digitise your business functions and tap into new revenue streams. APIs are an important digital face of your organisation, and should be viewed as products in their own right, so it is important to focus on excellent consumer API experience. Providing high quality APIs will help build your build developer and partner communities, and achieve seamless customer experience across different channels.

 APIs are a gateway to innovation in your organisation. With APIs, you can easily create minimum viable products and prototypes using mock services to validate a solution with consumers quickly but with low risk and low initial outlay. Once you have a well-connected API ecosystem, innovation opportunities abound with the newly exposed data and capabilities available at your fingertips.

 Embrace APIs to connect disparate applications and create a single ecosystem of data and capabilities. Strategic use of APIs unlocks data and opens channels across your organisation (departments, geographies, and functions), which equips you to better handle modern challenges, e.g. regulatory requirements, compliance etc. Leverage existing data and capabilities, and modernise legacy systems by exposing APIs to access that data.

 Evolve your business with regular feedback from your API ecosystem. Measuring your API ecosystem engagement gives you data driven insights into the value being provided by your APIs, and enables your applications and business to adapt based on feedback from internal and external customers.