Janani Priya collecting her award for Graduate Tester of the Year 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Janani Priya, test analyst at Sandhata, has won the Graduate Tester of the Year award! The results were announced at the India Testing Awards 2022.


The India Testing Awards 2022 is in it’s tenth year. It recognises those organisations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create testing programs that define the future of IT software development, services and support.


This recognition is a huge achievement for Janani and an excellent start to a promising career in IT.


About Janani


Janani Priya holding her certificate and awardSince joining Sandhata in 2021 as a graduate, Janani has gone from strength to strength and gained many skills in testing. Janani understands the importance of high quality software delivery. She has embraced everything to do with testing as she knows it ultimately impacts the customer experience.


Janani’s key strength is that she is extremely self-motivated and proactive. She is also very hard working and has the self-drive to take initiative and train herself on many new tools.


Janani is a very quick learner. She is quick to learn new technologies, new principles, and she does it with an ever-growing understanding of the wider business context. Janani is a definite team player. She works very hard herself, and raises others up so that they are able to make their maximum contribution to Sandhata and the project. Janani is assertive in her opinions, raises questions when she has them, and makes sure she gets the answer she needs.


Aside from testing, Janani is a real asset to other areas of Sandhata. She is actively involved in many other aspects of the Sandhata community, for example blogging and creating Instagram reels.


award and certificateJanani is also a very important member of our Sandhata women’s network. She is on the Women of Sandhata committee – organising and leading meetings, sharing her ideas for WOS initiatives, and more.

Janani Priya collected her award with Anand Rajagopalan, Head of India Operations, Sandhata.



Learn More


If you are interested in joining Sandhata as a graduate, apply through our online role portal or contact us:  careers@sandhata.com.



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