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Sandhata brings industry experts and experienced Pega consultants to unlock innovation and strategic change for our clients.

We know how to translate Pega’s industry-leading AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation to help you boost efficiency and productivity while improving customer service.

Our Pega Practice

Strategic Alignment

We deliver strategic change to help your organisation become truly customer-centric


Our Pega teams focus on unlocking innovation for your business while bringing agility and efficiency

Pega Optimised

Our industry best-practice insights and governance model mitigate technical debt

Business Accelerators

We focus on reuse and enterprise-wide solutions for maximum value

High ROI

Reduce operational costs by intelligently automating high value business processes on the cloud

End-to-end Delivery Excellence

Our engineers are skilled in Pega architecture, development, testing, management and administration

Next-gen automation and AI

Pega solutions bring AI-powered decision making and cutting-edge workflow automation to customers, enabling them to achieve high value fast.

We see next-gen workflow automation as a powerful change agent in our clients’ enterprises. Our teams know how to achieve maximum value for your business by implementing powerful AI in the right way, streamlined to ensure ultimate ROI.

Pega Partner

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Our team are experts across the entire Pega ecosystem.

Our partnership with Pega ensures our team have the most up-to-date skills, certifications, and deep knowledge of Pega solutions, to provide our clients with high quality service.

Sandhata is a registered Pega alliance partner.

Success Stories

Find out how we optimised our client’s Pega systems to crush complexity.

This resource covers two success stories:

  1. Integrating Pega with Adobe Analytics to provide deep insights and a roadmap for Pega UX excellence.
  2. Migrating legacy .NET system to Pega & consolidating existing Pega system in the cloud.

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