Transform your IT, transform your business


For any large and mature organization there is a need for IT transformation. It is critical to modernize infrastructure and ensure the legacies of yesterday are digitised for today and tomorrow.

Requirements don’t stand still. This is why we aim to continuously keep your business evolving and adapting – by transforming your IT strategy. Be it connecting existing infrastructure, systems and processes to new service delivery or simply enhancing customer experience, your business deserves the support and guidance we provide.

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IT Transformation

Your users not only want mobile and cloud applications, they want apps that are disruptive and loved by staff and customers alike.
IT transformation in environments with a huge dependency on complex, and often legacy or bespoke, systems is never an easy task – especially when the business is looking for a commercial advantage with its ‘consumerised’ users. Without a transformation partner, achieving a genuine change will be a major challenge.

With the help of our experienced team of skilled technical and business consultants, we are able to build a platform for change. We work with strategic and technology partners such as Compuware, IBM, Microfocus, CA, XebiaLabs, and TIBCO, to ensure the IT legacies of yesterday become the foundation for digital IT transformation today. We will securely deliver all your transformational processes from DevOps and middleware through to mobile apps, cloud and web services.

Services we provide:

• An independent and vendor agnostic Transformation Management Office (TMO)
• A DevOps platform with middleware management for open and agile development of APIs, new user interfaces and the integration of systems, processes and data
• Complementary offshore and onshore development capabilities for larger, bespoke projects
• Secure testing and service virtualization for failsafe IT change delivery
• Continuous integration improvements so infrastructure stays in pace with IT transformation
• Full services for training, implementation and project management