Sandhata Kong API

The Leader of API Gateways: A Deep Dive into Kong

The Kong API Gateway emerges as a critical component in the arsenal of open-source API management tools, essential for effective API strategy implementation in business environments. Its core strength lies in offering a unified platform that efficiently secures and optimizes API exposure, management, and consumption across organizations.

We recommend acquainting yourself with the foundational concepts by reading our blog on API Management & API Gateway, which sets the stage for a deep dive into Kong, the premier API Gateway choice among industry leaders.

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Sandhata Forms Partnership With Kong

05 April 2023 – Sandhata, a top-ranked company for DevOps and digital transformation in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Kong – a cloud-native API platform trusted by numerous innovative organizations across the globe. The aim of this collaboration is to offer simplified and user-friendly API management solutions and integration services for regional businesses.

This partnership is a huge step for Sandhata as it will enable them to expand their skills, meet new performance benchmarks, and explore new ways to grow their business. Besides, both Sandhata and Kong will jointly present solutions to customers, utilizing the industry-leading capabilities of Kong and the 18+ years of experience that Sandhata has in automation, system integration, and the API world.

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