Discover Sandhata’s DevOps Innovation Platform

A unique way to demonstrate custom DevOps scenarios – in a way that is easy to understand

Who is Sandhata?

We are a well-established IT consultancy, specialising in• IT Transformation, DevOps, Mainframe DevOps, DataOps, System Integration, Banking Domain expertise. We help clients transform and align their IT strategy to deliver their business objectives.

Why are we different?

We have developed the reputation to tackle the most complex issues with the ability to optimise any aspect of IT delivery across the enterprise.

Our culture

We provide simple, flexible solutions that are disciplined and data driven to facilitate change following holacratic principals. Our approach is both agile and adaptive.

True global reach

With head offices in London, EMEA and APAC offshore delivery centres, we can provide the best mix of resourcing and customer experience.

Who we are?

Sandhata is a global niche consultancy company that develops innovative and enterprise-wide DevOps-centric service propositions. We respond to business and technical challenges faced by the biggest and most complex organisations. We have a reputation for tackling the most complex issues and can optimise IT delivery across the enterprise.

Sandhata has many years of experience in accelerating software delivery in complex legacy systems.
We deliver ground-breaking solutions to our customers, transforming their mainframes and enabling them to become lean and responsive.

We understand the unique challenges posed by mainframes, which make it difficult to adopt DevOps or CI/CD, as well as the common challenges experienced with the distributed IT systems.

We bring the knowledge, experience and expertise to accelerate mainframe transformation, bringing them up to pace with rest of the technology shops.

Where we operate

We are a global company and have offices in the following locations:
• UK – London and Reading
• US – New York
• India – Chennai and Hyderabad
• Gurgaon and Pune (2019)

Our core values

We promote equality, diversity and integrity. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence for our clients. We actively support and finance humanitarian causes.

Our Customers

Our experience is proven as a partner to many of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations within Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and Retail. Organizations with considerable investment in legacy infrastructure and a real desire to transform those legacies into future-proofed IT for its business, staff and customers.