Your Mainframe NEEDS DevOps

DevOps principles make sense for all businesses and technologies – especially those that depend heavily on mainframes. But mainframe systems pose very specific challenges when it comes to CI/CD and DevOps.

We understand – and will help you overcome – the challenges unique to mainframe which make it difficult to adopt DevOps for mainframe with the same pace as the digital technologies.


The Top 4 DevOps Challenges faced by Mainframe teams

  • Challenge 1: Traditional mainframe governance
    Traditional mainframe governance has often been in place for decades, so it is heavy-weight and doesn’t align to agile and lean principles. This commonly results in a natural resistance to change.
  • Challenge 2: Environment Provisioning and Management
    Mainframe infrastructure and environments are expensive, complex, and the slow speed of provisioning often constrains the time to market.
  • Challenge 3: Lack of Automation
    Automation in all aspects of mainframe lags behind the digital world, mostly limited by scarce expertise the lack of off-the-shelf tooling and the fear of change.
  • Challenge 4: Traditional mainframe team silos
    The organisational structure and division of duties and ownership create cultural silos that disconnect mainframe teams with the rest of the organisation causing inefficiencies and ultimately hindering delivery.


Mainframe DevOps


Mainframe is the last outpost of the DevOps movement, as there is no industry standard toolset for mainframe DevOps.


Accelerate Your Mainframe with our Ground-Breaking DevOps Services

Sandhata has many years of proven experience in accelerating software delivery in complex legacy systems. Now we are delivering ground-breaking solutions to our customers and transforming their mainframes to be lean and responsive.


Our Advisory services can help enable you to:

  • Transform and enable mainframe teams to adopt an Agile and DevOps culture
  • Create DevOps heat maps and roadmaps to prioritise change driven by business value
  • Work with governance boards to promote continuous compliance in the mainframe
  • Determine co-location and vendor engagement strategies

Mainframe Infrastructure optimisation is a must-have to enable efficient use of hardware and LPARs, including:

  • Mainframe virtualisation
  • Environment provisioning and utilisation
  • Test data management

Continuous Testing for mainframes is a rapidly evolving area where Sandhata can provide you with innovative solutions:

  • Delivering automated testing solutions which are lean and fully aligned to CI/CD
  • Driving the testing strategy to continuously assess the business risk
  • Enabling cost-effective testing whilst improving quality and speed

Continuous Deployment and Release Automation is quickly gaining momentum in mainframes. We can help your teams to:

  • Understand their release value stream
  • Model release orchestration templates
  • Optimise DevOps tool chain for Release and Deploy


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