Mainframe is at the heart of many organisations and is essential for ensuring an effective front end layer. However in many organisations the pace of change for mainframe systems lags far behind distributed systems where DevOps principles have been embraced.


DevOps principles align perfectly with mainframe too.

The time has come for mainframe systems to adopt DevOps!

abstract picture of numbersSandhata was founded on DevOps and automation practices, and we bring our skills in these areas into the mainframe space, with our knowledge of continuous delivery, end to end testing, and pipelines to increase the speed and quality of mainframe change.

Our expert teams have delivered mainframe DevOps projects for multiple clients financial, insurance, energy sectors and more. We have seen first hand the impact of automation and DevOps on the speed and quality of mainframe change.

Sandhata are your trusted mainframe DevOps partners

Our mainframe DevOps services focus on 3 key practices:

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  1. Culture

We know that culture can be hard to change. Our strong DevOps culture pedigree gives us the skills and experience to motivate mainframe teams and work with them to ensure that new practices are adopted and embedded in the team.

  1. Capabilities

We work with you to understand which capabilities are most important for your business goals and prioritise building these capabilities in a robust and scalable way.

  1. Tools

We built tool ecosystems to make your key capabilities repeatable. We listen to feedback and continuously evolve the tool ecosystems to ensure maximum useability.

How we have helped our mainframe DevOps customers

We have helped our customers achieve their mainframe DevOps goals including:

  • Config management migration & upgrade
  • Test automation & continuous testing
  • Cloud migration
  • Deploy and release automation
  • Mainframe virtualisation

We have skilled resources with first hand knowledge in:

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