System Integration at Sandhata


Today, the pace of change in every aspect of life is exponential. This now drives the necessity for businesses to become more agile, innovative and adapt to rapid changes in the marketplace. Banking IT systems that have been around for decades and in many cases are a hurdle for innovation and the adoption of an agile, need to embrace these practices and ways of doing business to remain competitive.


The use of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) connects operational business applications to each other to support cross-line-of-business activity as part of enterprise application integration (EAI). Messages are passed between cooperating end-points represented as coarse-grained services. SOA brings much-needed flexibility into Banking IT systems. It allows refactoring of the technical debt at a process level, application level, system level or at the entire enterprise level.

With a strong pedigree in the delivery of complex integration solutions to the banking sector, we have developed a unique integration delivery framework – The Sandhata Middleware Development Lifecycle (SMDLC), which incorporates the best SOA and DevOps practices. The SMDLC is designed to incorporate future changes seamlessly as your business diversifies and grows therefore extending current systems, reducing the total cost of ownership and shortening delivery timescales.

Development/project management/infrastructure/application support/application support/QA services/architecture & consulting

At Sandhata we understand how to overcome complex integration barriers in order to enable growth and improve  performance particularly in the world of banking compliance. But what services can Sandhata offer your business:

Programme Management

Sandhata’s programme managers understand the importance of flexible planning and meeting the demands of stakeholders across an organisation. Sandhata’s programme managers work in a genuine partnership with the client to deliver value to all key stake holders. With a holistic approach to integration programmes, Sandhata’s programme managers ensure all the key business needs are fully met, through careful planning on how to deliver on a low-cost, ongoing basis making sure that the right outcome is successful every time.

This is where Sandhata’s analytical approach comes into its own. Using dashboards and KPI’s, all business demands are tackled and optimised across the programme lifecycle. Our highly experienced programme and project managers understand the commercial as well as the technical integration challenges and will work seamlessly with you to address them. In our model, Production Support is considered to be in the design phase, rather than becoming an expensive afterthought at the end of the SDLC.

Complex Application Architecture and Development

Sandhata’s application architects and developers exceed expectations and are exceptional in comparison to the average market architects and developers today. They are involved in the most complex and demanding SOA delivery projects in the banking sector. They hold expert industry knowledge across all disciplines of integration, including a comprehensive experience of middleware technologies and practices. Sandhata’s architects and developers are tightly governed by agile methodologies, which enables them to identify issues much earlier in the design phase.


Test Management

Shift left testing is an approach intended to find and prevent defects early in the software delivery process. SOA SDLC processes can also be “Shift Left oriented” and a well-constructed Test strategy is paramount in order to facilitated the shift. Such a strategy must cover both functional and non-functional testing, providing full coverage across the SDLC. Sandhata Test managers are highly specialised in managing agile testing practices for SOA and integration programmes by implementing Service Virtulisation in conjunction with Test Automation. Sandhata’s test managers can build and execute test automation frameworks thus evolving full Continuous Delivery model, turning organisations toward shift left testing, avoiding expensive, long test cycles by reducing project burn rates and limiting the use of valuable Infrastructure.

Test Automation

Using A solid proven test Automation process facilitates the quick and accurate testing of changes across your middleware – which avoids catastrophic outages that the smallest change can bring. Using Test Automation across the SDLC is the only way to implement an enterprise-wide Integration strategy.
Sandhata’s test automation consultants follow Sandhata’s unique middleware delivery framework that enables them to perform the testing of integration components and systems that are critical for rapid and effective agile delivery

Infrastructure management and delivery

In most big banks infrastructure provisioning and management is one of the more complex areas to get right. Infrastructure is the single most important factor in ensuring IT operations are fit for purpose and scalable. Whether you’re using traditional technology or starting a container strategy – in an on-premises, cloud or hybrid model, automated infrastructure provision and management is one of the main drivers of innovation.

Sandhata’s consultants are technologists who have seen this all before. By building and maintaining Infrastructure supporting trillions of pounds worth of payments with dedicated 99.999% availability, we know what this excellence looks like. Sandhata’s infrastructure consultants specialise in automation, with Infrastructure and Environments as part of the Continuous Delivery roadmap.