How Sandhata supports your business


Sandhata brings the knowledge, experience, and skill to overcome complex integration barriers, enable growth and improve performance. We have particular expertise in banking compliance and telecoms.

We have very strong expertise in MuleSoft and TIBCO integration software, including TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Messaging and more.

We also have particular specialisms in Microservices and APIs.

1. Programme Management

Sandhata’s programme managers work in a genuine partnership with the client, taking a holistic approach to integration programmes.

Sandhata has very strong analytical experience, using dashboards and KPIs throughout projects to measure the value delivered to the business.

Our highly experienced programme and project managers understand the commercial and technical integration challenges and will work with you to address them.

2. Complex Application Architecture and Development

Sandhata’s application architects and developers deliver exceptional service, with experience in the most complex and demanding integration delivery projects across finance, telecoms and other sectors.

Their expert industry knowledge across all disciplines of integration enable them to deliver high quality, future-proof services.


3. Test Management, Test Automation and Service Virtualisation

Our test managers, using agile and shift-left testing practices, build and execute test automation frameworks which are fully integrated with end-to-end lifecycle automation. We know this is the only way to implement a successful enterprise-wide integration strategy.

We also have excellent Service Virtualisation skills and the experience to know what to virtualise and how to reduce maintenance efforts and increase longevity of an SV framework.

4. Infrastructure management and delivery

In most large organisations, infrastructure provisioning and management is one of the most complex areas to get right, but it is also one of the most important factors to enable innovation.

Sandhata’s consultants are highly skilled and experienced, building and maintaining infrastructure supporting trillions of pounds worth of payments with dedicated 99.999% availability. We know what excellence looks like.

Sandhata’s infrastructure consultants specialise in automation, cloud, and containers, and understand how it all needs to hook together in an end-to-end automation framework.

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