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We are very proud that Sandhata Technologies was Highly Commended as Leading DevOps Vendor at the DevOps Industry Awards 2022.


The DevOps Industry Awards celebrate the companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements when incorporating and adopting DevOps practices. The awards are judged by an independent panel of judges from some of the world’s biggest organisations.


How we ‘do’ DevOps at Sandhata


Sandhata is a niche, high-end consultancy specialising in innovative and enterprise-wide DevOps-centric service propositions. From our founding in 2005 we embraced automation and lean methods to streamline processes and focus on business outcomes. These ideas continue to shape our client deliveries.


Since DevOps began, Sandhata has kept up with the quickly evolving ideas and technologies to provide better business outcomes to our customers. Our consultants have played a part in shaping the evolution of DevOps. We contribute to DevOps forums and open source tech, and present our experiences and insights at DevOps events.


We focus on key areas for our clients to maximise the business impact of any initiatives. A few examples are below:


 1. Focus on productivity and continual improvement

Our teams always look for opportunities to streamline and automate processes to reduce manual efforts, reduce risk and increase flow.


 2. We adore innovation

We understand that ongoing innovation is the key to consistently meeting the customer’s changing needs and remaining competitive in today’s constantly evolving digitised market. Our innovative solutions provide agility and flexibility for our clients. We believe that no improvement suggestion is too small and we coach all of our consultants to foster an innovative mindset.


 3. We live and die by the quality of our deliveries.

We maintain our focus on quality at all times with the desire that our projects will serve the business well for a long time in the future. The only way to ensure this is to strive for the right solution (not the easy one) and build it in the right way.


 4. The Holistic DevOps Perspective.

We are able to work at all levels – from technical development of an automation pipeline to a full DevOps review. We serve our customers wherever they are in their DevOps journey at that time. At the same time we maintain the long view, understanding where our customers want to go and how best to achieve their goals.



We are very proud to have been recognised in the field for our contribution to DevOps.



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We are industry-leaders in delivering DevOps and Digital Transformation solutions to large organisations who are faced with unique, complex challenges and urgent business requirements. Click here for more information on how we can help you achieve your DevOps goals.

These are just some ways we use our experience and industry-leading skills to deliver great results for our customers. To find out more about us and how we operate, take a look at our solutions, case studies or contact us.




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