08 Feb 2022 Sandhata announces new partnership with Dynatrace to work together to enhance the platform for self-service analysis capabilities and monitoring to its customers. Sandhata is using Dynatrace analytics capabilities for the application and infrastructure monitoring with more digital experience and enhanced security. It helps leverage data in context, AI, and intelligent automation across the full stack to help you simplify cloud operations.

Sandhata will be help delivering the automated monitoring solution across the applications and stack along with the Dynatrace. Dynatrace dashboards will provide user friendly experience for the users as well as ALERTS functionalities.

The monitoring Dashboards will include easy access of log view with all search functionalities, one-stop shop for all application data, enabling immediate self-service analysis and connect details for each service in one place. It will provide more granular way of how networking and routings are spread over the servers in the scope which machine agent will be deployed.

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace platforms are widely used across a wide range of industries, focused on enabling clients to thrive in the age of data. Dynatrace provides Infrastructure monitoring , Applications and Microservices, Application security, Digital Experience, Business Analytics and Automation on a single platform.

 About Sandhata

Sandhata is a global technology integrator, specializing in all aspects of DevOps. With a team of highly skilled professionals, they deliver Advisory, Management and Technology consulting innovation for clients in some of the most demanding, regulated industries. With a genuine dedication to helping their clients navigate the IT landscape and introducing technology that will support their strategic goals, Sandhata is able to modernize every aspect of service delivery and offer guidance through the challenges of making the right strategic decisions.

Sandhata also supports clients in managing the many aspects of change that come with transforming IT infrastructure or operations. Through working closely with many of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations in Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and Retail, Sandhata has helped them create and maintain a sustainable, secure and compliant digital business.


Written by,

Anitha Govindaswamy

Resident API Expert.

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