picture of globe and technologyDevOps brings People, Processes and Technology together.

It enables collaborative engineering, seamlessly delivering quality software into production faster with increased responsiveness to customers and markets.

DevOps is a cultural and working practice focusing on collaboration, shared goals, automation and continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle from start to finish.

We are industry-leaders in DevOps

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Since DevOps began, Sandhata has kept up with the quickly evolving ideas and technologies to provide better business outcomes to our customers.

Our consultants have played a part in shaping the evolution of DevOps by contributing to DevOps forums and open source tech and presenting our experiences and insights at DevOps events.

Achieve Your DevOps Ambitions

Wherever you are on your DevOps journey, we can help. We deliver personalised services based on your business goals, current status and most impactful challenges.

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Focus on Productivity and Improvement

We always look for opportunities to streamline and automate processes to reduce manual efforts, reduce risk and increase flow. This is the key to achieving real, sustained change in your business.


We Love Innovation!

We adore innovation and we understand that ongoing innovation is the key to consistently meeting the customer’s changing needs and remaining competitive in today’s constantly evolving digitised market.

We believe that no improvement suggestion is too small and we coach all of our consultants to foster an innovative mindset.


We Meet YOUR Needs

Every organisation is unique. We focus on giving each customer project a unique and personal service which evolves as their needs evolve. We stay with you every step of the way.


The Holistic DevOps Perspective

Our consultants span all areas and industries, with a wide range of experience levels. We understand how to deliver the solutions you need: from technical development of an automation pipeline to a full DevOps review.

How we have helped our DevOps customers

We have helped our customers achieve their DevOps goals including:

  • Infrastructure automation
  • Continuous delivery & end to end pipelines
  • Test automation & continuous testing
  • Deploy and release automation
  • Service virtualisation
  • APIs and microservices
  • Cloud migration
  • Visibility and observability
  • And many more…

Our DevOps Recognition

We are very proud to have won DevOps awards covering a range of areas recently.

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