DevOps according to Sandhata


image of Sandhata brainDevOps brings People, Processes and Technology together enabling collaborative engineering, seamlessly delivering quality software into production at an enhanced pace. DevOps brings the business closer to operations and allows for increased responsiveness to customers and markets. DevOps is a cultural and working practice, where collaboration occurs throughout the lifecycle of software and/or service, from inception, through design, development and then into production.

DevOps promotes a culture of collaboration working towards shared goals, versioning, automation, measurement and improvement. Being strongly related to Agile and Lean practices, it becomes a positive disruptor that can impact all of your established processes, role definitions, reward systems, governance models and technology deployments.

Core Services

Lifecycle Automation

Automation is a key component of DevOps, and crucial for achieving continuous delivery. Sandhata’s skilled technology consultants will optimise your environment, enabling your teams to gain the full benefit of automation early in the process. With the use of service virtualisation and containerisation, our consultants build and deploy automated environments which in turn speeds up provisioning and delivery. For the majority of lifecycle activities, such as build packaging, deployment and testing, automation is the critical component for your delivery teams to master – and the earlier automation is introduced, the faster tangible results will be seen.

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is the enabler for teams to produce software in short cycles which aims at building, testing, and releasing software with greater speed and frequency. A Continuous Delivery strategy underpins technology processes and culture to maintain excellence throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle guaranteeing responsiveness to market changes.
Sandhata’s Continuous Delivery framework is designed to align with your enterprise’s overarching strategic goals. Sandhata’s framework enables versioning, integration, automation, test automation, service virtualisation, provisioning, workflow management and monitoring – All the important ingredients for your enterprise’s continuous delivery strategy.

Release Automation

Build once deploy many! Release Automation is a consistent, repeatable, auditable practice of packaging and deploying applications and/or updating applications from development, across various environments all the way up to production. A strategic release automation framework facilitates enterprises to rapidly react to changes in the marketplace while managing down the costs of such changes. Effective release planning through automation and monitoring, delivers instant value and rapid measurable results.
Sandhata’s consultants can tailor made a production release workflow, with standardised release management, toolchain, processes and procedures, identify potentially critical risk profiles early in the release process and address them immediately.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous delivery target state

Continuous Testing

Automation is key to reducing development lifecycles and ensuring a better-quality outcome.
A good testing strategy with automation enables shift-left testing, helping developers to better filter
out and fix the bugs during the development process. Testers can then achieve optimum coverage
faster and earlier in the lifecycle. Test automation isn’t just enough to meet the goals of DevOps or CI/CD. Organisations need Continuous Testing which focuses on eliminating business risks by enabling quick and effective feedback mechanisms, which is one of the key aspects of DevOps.

Continuous Testing is a key differentiator in the overall DevOps success rate and have therefore invested proactively in solutions, skills and methodologies that help our clients.

Typical issues Sandhata’s consultants resolve are: a lack of automation in testing practices, test environments taking weeks to set up, test data consumes days to generate, testers operate with lots of dependencies resulting in significant waiting times and most of the testing is not
integrated with development.

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Continuous Operations

A successful DevOps culture is not just about the quality of delivery output, but also about transparency of the process. This makes monitoring a critical component of the DevOps puzzle. DevOps cannot function without effective monitoring and communication. Teams need to have a clear, defined strategy for proactive production review and feedback, where Operations communicates directly back into the Delivery organisation.
Sandhata’s consultants deploy our bespoke Continuous Operation framework in order to evaluate the client’s current collaboration models which results in identifying key areas for improvement. By providing an effective communication strategy, Sandhata delivers full production monitoring capabilities which enables continuous feedback between teams ensuring a fully successful outcome.

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DevOps Change Management

in order to achieve long-term strategic goals, the Introduction of DevOps to an organisation requires significant changes in both attitude and business processes. Sandhata DevOps Change Management aligns all the moving parts such as technology, process, and culture. We understand how difficult it is to introduce new methods and systems but also how to get people to adopt Devops methodologies.


Agile & Lean Coaching

With the help of an Agile framework, the ability to complement your enterprise DevOps transformation, through building, coaching and managing high-performing teams becomes a clear and tangible focus.

Agile Development represents an iterative and incremental software development methodology which becomes a powerful approach when structuring the delivery and operations organisations into scrum teams with unified goals. The Adoption of Agile and Lean approaches normally bring about a cultural shift which many teams can struggle with the concept in the initial phases. We fully support your organisation with the coaching and enablement required to define, introduce and manage a tailored Agile process that will maximise the efficiency of the team.

DevOps Delivery Management

Does your organisation need to improve your ability to manage the process, technology and people involved in achieving Continuous Delivery?


It is crucial for delivery teams to have a clear direction and management structure. All team members need a defined focus on how to deliver each individual function in line with the organisation’s Continuous Delivery strategy, engineering standards, policies and DevOps goals. With our help, you will create the culture, technology and processes needed to deliver consistent measurable results. We support you not only in defining the framework of organisational goals, but also to ensure that you stay within agreed standards, policies and practices. By streamlining the way teams operate, there will be extensive improvements to both the speed and quality of delivery.