DevOps brings People, Processes and Technology together enabling collaborative engineering, seamlessly delivering quality software into production faster with increased responsiveness to customers and markets.

DevOps is a cultural and working practice focusing on collaboration, shared goals, automation and continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle from start to finish.

We are industry-leaders in DevOps

people building lightSandhata was founded on DevOps and automation practices, and we bring our skills in these areas along with our knowledge of continuous delivery, end to end testing, and pipelines to increase the speed and quality of change.

Our expert teams have delivered DevOps projects for a wide range of clients across the globe covering multiple industries.

Sandhata will help you overcome your DevOps challenges

Wherever you are on your DevOps journey, we can help. We 100% tailor our services based on your business challenges, existing DevOps adoption and your objectives.people building a light

Our DevOps services focus on 3 key practices:

  1. Culture

We know that culture can be hard to change. Our strong DevOps culture ped
igree gives us the skills and experience to motivate teams and work with them to ensure that new practices are adopted and embedded in the team.

  1. Capabilities

We work with you to understand which capabilities are most important for your business goals and prioritise building these capabilities in a robust and scalable way.

  1. Tools

We built tool ecosystems to make your key capabilities repeatable. We listen to feedback and continuously evolve the tool ecosystems to ensure maximum useability.

How we have helped our DevOps customers

We have helped our customers achieve their DevOps goals including:

  • Infrastructure automation
  • Continuous delivery & end to end pipelines
  • Test automation & continuous testing
  • Deploy and release automation
  • Service virtualisation
  • APIs and microservices
  • Cloud migration
  • Visibility and observability
  • And many more…

Our DevOps Recognition

We are very proud to have won DevOps awards covering a range of areas recently.

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