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 1st September 2021 Sandhata announces new partnership with Splunk Technologies to work together to provide bespoke dashboards and self-service analysis capabilities to its customers. Sandhata is using Splunk’s market leading machine-learning analytics capabilities to turn data into answers, and give businesses the real-time, actionable data they need to make the right decisions.

The Splunk platform has been integrated fully with Sandhata’s DevOps Innovation Platform on the Sandhata cloud environment. The DevOps Innovation Platform environment allows Sandhata to provide customised demos to their clients, giving the clients an idea of what they could achieve in their own systems, with no upfront investment.

Dashboards are key enablers for collaboration within and across teams, and they are excellent at driving the application team in the right direction. Other capabilities of dashboard include easy access of log view with all search functionalities, one-stop shop for all application data, enabling immediate self-service analysis and connect details for each service in one place.

About Splunk

Splunk’s market leading data platforms are widely used across a wide range of industries, focused on enabling clients to thrive in the age of data. Splunk has a large, engaged developer community and provides enterprise-grade expertise and support to its clients.

 About Sandhata

Sandhata is a global technology integrator, specialising in all aspects of DevOps. With a team of highly skilled professionals, they deliver Advisory, Management and Technology consulting innovation for clients in some of the most demanding, regulated industries. With a genuine dedication to helping their clients navigate the IT landscape and introducing technology that will support their strategic goals, Sandhata is able to modernise every aspect of service delivery and offer guidance through the challenges of making the right strategic decisions.

Sandhata also supports clients in managing the many aspects of change that come with transforming IT infrastructure or operations. Through working closely with many of the world’s most forward-thinking organisations in Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and Retail, Sandhata has helped them create and maintain a sustainable, secure and compliant digital business.

Learn more about Sandhata’s DevOps services.

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Roohi Razi

Roohi Razi is pursuing Msc in Digital Business and intern at Sandhata Technologies as Marketing consultant. She has worked as Design Engineer for electric vehicles at Scooter India Limited and delivered prestigious project like electric vehicle Safari, Ambulance and Trolley Bus.

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