Sandhata commitment

Sandhata takes its corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. We operate our business in a manner that is responsible with true regard to its legal obligations, according to regulations and codes of practice. The Company undertakes its business in terms of its economic, social and environmental impacts, specifically:3 people with text corporate social responsibility

  • Promote business activity that brings economic, social and environmental benefits
  • Encourage innovative approaches and continuing development and application of best practices
  • Ensure best levels of performance in areas such as health & safety, the environment and equal opportunities
  • Facilitate business practices that balance profit and success with achievement of social and sustainability goals
  • Take an active part in supporting social causes

Our core values

  • We promote equality, diversity and integrity.
  • We are committed to the pursuit of excellence for our clients.
  • We are committed to providing a motivational, fulfilling and fun environment in which to work.
  • We focus on hiring and retaining the best people, recognizing their achievements and rewarding their efforts.
  • We believe that our success can be attributed to the key values that we hold.
  • We actively support and finance humanitarian causes. Our charity is Manavata.

Environmental Management Programme & Objectives

Sandhata has identified that it’s most significant impacts on the environment include:

  • Disposal & recycling of waste (including paper, consumables and electronic equipment)
  • Energy & water usage
  • Transport and car usage
  • Purchase of consumables
  • Maintenance of buildings

Equal Opportunities

Sandhata encourages and values diversity within its workforce and builds on the differences individuals bring, enabling the Company’s continued success. We draw upon the widest possible range of views and experiences in order to meet the changing needs of our staff, clients and partners. We promote diversity and respond to the needs of all individuals in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance to current legislation. The company will:

  • Fulfil its social responsibility towards its employees and the communities in which it operates
  • Recruit, train and promote the best person for the job, to make full use of the talents and resources of all its employees
  • Create a working environment free from discrimination, victimization and harassment
  • Maintain a system where individuals are selected and promoted on the basis of their merit and ability to a job role
  • Distribute and publicize its equal opportunities & diversity policy
  • Allow any employee who believes they have been treated inequitably to raise the matter through the appropriate grievance procedure

Health and safety

The Company will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees. Maintain healthy and safe premises and working environment.

  • Provide and maintain safe systems at work
  • Provide health and safety information and training
  • Publish and update a Company Safety Policy
  • Provide information, training, instruction and supervision to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees

Ethical Purchasing & Procurement

Sandhata is committed to procuring its goods and services in an ethically and sensitive way with regard to its commercial obligations, quality and cost. Purchasing is undertaken in a manner that encourages competition, and offers fair and objective evaluation of suppliers.

  • Procurement practices will be transparent, auditable and fair
  • Research will ensure a clear understanding of the risks associated with the purchase of goods and services. Purchasing decisions will include contingency and risk mitigation strategies
  • Tendering is based on quality and cost, is evaluated in a fair, objective, and structured manner that actively encourages competition
  • Employees responsible for purchasing will not accept any type of solicitation
  • Employees responsible for purchasing will not accept any type of solicitation
  • Suppliers are able to demonstrate their ability to deliver continuous improvement and cost savings throughout the life of the contract
  • Business transactions will, where possible be conducted electronically