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Enterprises are facing increased customer demands, competition, and IT complexity. Many businesses are hindered from evolving by their existing systems, which don’t provide the flexibility, scalability and agility required to stay competitive.

Adopting a microservices architecture – an architecture composed of loosely coupled services which are fine-grained, communicating using lightweight protocols – can address these challenges. The growing popularity of microservices as a modern integration strategy is testament to the proven benefits which can be achieved from adopting a microservices approach.

Sandhata supports your successful microservices adoption

Our expert consultants have a wealth of experience delivering microservices projects across a range of industries and technologies, helping enterprises to achieve their business goals.

team work cogsWe can support you in:

  • Advisory – feasibility study, impact analysis and consultancy
  • Microservices architecture, design, build, deployment, testing and operations
  • Migrating monolith applications to microservices
  • Automation across your microservices lifecycle


Our experience in overcoming challenges when adopting a microservices approach has helped our clients to achieve a robust, lightweight application architecture which serves the business demands well. We utilise our strong DevOps pedigree to manage the cultural and governance transformations which are also needed to ensure a successful microservices adoption.

We have very strong experience and skills delivering projects solutions using

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Are you ready to evolve your systems architecture and embrace microservices?

Are you adopting microservices but struggling to achieve the flexibility and sustainability you aspire to, whilst keeping costs low?


Contact us today to find out how we can support you in your microservices journey.

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