Sandhata partnerships

Here at Sandhata we are focused on your needs as a client. Based on your requirements, we are able to offer custom solutions around Open Source or enterprise third party software – or as is often the case, a combination of both.

Although we have worked with most of the key third parties across Integration and DevOps, we pride ourselves on being technology-agnostic and offering the best-of-breed solutions that suit your needs perfectly. Whether the third party is a niche specialist provider or one of the giant vendors, we will engage with those who can deliver the value and results your business expects. We are fully transparent in sharing active Sandhata partners or relationships where these already exist.

The key aim for us is to give you the competitive edge. This means that a large part of what we do is innovating your business through cutting edge technology, through our implementation expertise. Our general approach is always to understand your existing challenges coupled with your strategic business objectives, and then work towards finding the ideal solution landscape that will help you achieve the success you want to see in your organisation.

Our key strategic Sandhata partners include:


Through our close partnership with Delphix, we enable our customers to remove data bottlenecks and accelerate projects with fast, compliant data. The Delphix DataOps platform combines data compliance with on-demand data delivery, available for the cloud.

bmc logo

BMC Compuware

BMC Compuware focuses completely on mainframe innovation. Working with BMC Compuware we deliver Mainframe DevOps projects helping our customers transform their mainframe and achieve radical change. logo

We are proudly aligned with who develop enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation and control they need to deliver software faster and with less risk.

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Our partnership with data market leaders, Splunk, enable our consultants to use Splunk’s machine-learning analytics capabilities to turn data into answers, and give businesses the real-time, actionable data they need to make the right decisions.

TIBCO - Sandhata partners


Working with TIBCO, we can provide continuous integration and delivery services for customers wishing to short-cut development lifecycles and rapidly implement change in production systems.



As IBM partners we are perfectly placed to work with our customers to leverage the latest technologies, accelerate their software delivery lifecycle and enable the business.