DevOps is the antidote for Shadow IT

DevOps – the antidote to Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is defined as an IT system, project or service which is built without the formal knowledge and ownership of the IT department. The result of Shadow IT is usually a dispersed IT ecosystem which is not centrally managed or controlled. With the increase in self-service availability of apps, platforms and infrastructure, some people feel that Shadow IT is an unstoppable force. However – DevOps may just be the antidote to this issue.

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Continuous delivery lifecycle

Are CI tools enough for an effective Continuous Delivery pipeline?

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software strategy that enables organisations to deliver new features to users – as fast and efficiently as possible. The core idea of CD is to create a repeatable, reliable and incrementally improving process for taking software from concept to customer. The goal of CD is to enable a constant flow of changes into production via an automated software production line. The CD pipeline is what makes it all happen.

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Database tensions - arrows

Database Tensions in DevOps

DevOps is becoming a key element of business transformation for enterprises, as the speed of their development and release processes are critical to business success. But committing to embarking on a DevOps journey is just the first step. While some companies have been able to successfully embrace the culture change which underlies DevOps, others have experienced growing pains – especially when it comes to handling database tensions.

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Application Integration

Understanding the Traditional Application Integration Models

In this blog I’d like to take a look at Application Integration Models and their traditional approach. So, what in the world does that mean? Well, back in the days when I was fresh out of college and got recruited, I received training on Application Integration or Middleware. At that point I didn’t realise quite how vast the topic of Middleware was. No wonder it always seemed confusing to me!

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DevOps Maturity

What is a DevOps Maturity Assessment?

One of the most difficult aspects of introducing DevOps to a business is to recognise the status quo, and what the potential challenges are. In many cases this really is crucial to understand how to begin the journey with an implementation roadmap that suits the specific DevOps maturity and needs of the organisation.

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