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Maitreya Gavkare, Agile consultant, shares a bit about his background, why he decided to move into the IT sector, and how it’s going so far!


Tell us about your role at Sandhata

I am working as an Agile consultant, primarily facilitating practical improvement initiatives and strategies for clients. To do this, I analyse and evaluate the organisation’s workflow and overall environment, discussing organisational shortcomings with clients, with the end goal of improving how they deliver customer value.

At the same time I facilitate adoption and embedding of the Agile mindset, values, principles, and practices to measurably support the delivery of business outcomes.


Why did you choose to go into IT, and what brought you into Sandhata?

Every organisation in today’s digital world be it aviation, telecommunication, manufacturing etc., has to have a strong IT department to support, develop and consistently maintain their world class products and services for their customers.

I was fascinated, interested and keen to understand and learn about how the digital side of every business works, which led me to choose an IT career.

Being part of such industry is exciting and challenging for me.

Joining Sandhata was a major stepping stone for me, as I transitioned into the IT sector. Before joining Sandhata, I researched the organisation and I found the team was extremely well versed with a range of clients in the IT sector. With a strong brand name and good expertise in the market, I believe it will help in a smooth entry for me in this industry.


What is something you are particularly proud of at Sandhata?

Photo of Maitreya Gavkare, Agile consultantSandhata is a highly respected and recognized company in the field. It has proven records of delivering some extremely critical and budget-heavy end-to-end IT transformation projects for big giants over the years.

I think all the credit goes to carefully understanding and developing the right capabilities and resources which have been proven a major competitive advantage and it’s something to be proud of.


What can prospective employees expect to find at Sandhata?

It’s fascinating to see the company grow by creating a wonderful collaborative culture between fresh talent and the experienced management team. The power distance is extremely low and that’s the best part of it and something I am proud of being part of the company.


What’s next for you?

I am keen in developing myself as an agile coach to develop efficient teams across Sandhata’s portfolio. I have already been given an opportunity to carry out certain critical activities within the team, which is exciting and it is something I am looking forward to.



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