Sandhata put forward a 10 person team for the recent JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2022.


The team spent the day together in the office getting psyched up for the run over a shared lunch.


Some of the team were regular runners, but for some it was the first time running!

It was great fun, although a bit hot, and all the team members completed the run successfully.


Looking forward to next year!



“Love this race as running with 15,000 runners is always fun! This year is special as 10 of my team members joined with me 🙂 ”

Babji Vundavilli


“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, the middle of the pack, or last. You can say ‘I have finished’. There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”

– Pravin Durai


“In everyone’s life always a moment comes when you can either quit or say to yourself ‘I can do this’. Similar feeling I was having yesterday. It doesn’t matter when it started or ended, I did it! My first marathon 😉 ”

– Amrita Sriwastava


“Life is a race, whether it’s corporate or personal. I finish every race and enjoy those moments.”

– Mayank Gupta


“It was a really fun event, and great to participate together with the Sandhata team. Hopefully we can field a bigger team next year 🙂 ”

– Bronwyn Davies


“If I’m free, its because I am always running.”

– Avinasha Shukla


“It was a really different experience running with the team representing Sandhata, 100+ companies across the UK, massive crowd, evening race – amazing experience! Babji was so inspiring for any young runners. Although I was a bit tired before the start, the energy of the crowd really pushed me hard! Well done team!”

– Subhas Chandra


“Running is never boring, it always brings the best out of you. It teaches you perseverance and to just give that extra and push yourself, challenge your limits. Whether it is sunny, cloudy, cold, a run is always re-energizing. I consider myself lucky to have teamed up with brilliant people from team Sandhata! Very well done everyone, we are all finishers! Cheers to that!

– Vikas Dange


“It’s my first 5k and it felt so great crossing the finish line. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A great experience running along with thousands of other runners. Realised how much fun it is to run.”

– Bharat Muppidi


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