The Sandhata team recently participated in an event organised by our partner charity, Manavata, to raise awareness of, and celebrate, the bicycle.


The event, held in Hyderabad, India, encouraged people to experience the world from the seat of their bicycle and share their cycling stories. On World Environment Day, this event also shone a spotlight on the vital importance of the bicycle in reducing our environmental impact.


Many of the Sandhata team participated in this World Bicycle Day event, making this a team building and bonding opportunity as well.


About Manavata


Manavata is Sandhata’s chosen charity partner, and Sandhata has supported Manavata financially since Sandhata was formed in 2005. Srini Alluri, co-founder of Sandhata, started Manavata, which has been making a difference to people’s lives for more than 30 years.


Manavata’s global initiative, ‘Cycling for Humanity’, creates an awareness across the world of the need for a healthy, happy, harmonious lifestyle (3H). Manavata promotes cycling – the cleanest and healthiest form of transport – to drive home this message. Through ‘Cycling for Humanity’, Manavata reaches out to people and promotes healthy living and a clean, pollution free environment.









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