At Sandhata, we know how important it is to provide opportunities support for students and college graduates and support them to upskill. We have an active graduate intake programme, and aim to provide our graduate joiners with wide exposure to different industries, different technologies and challenges, to kick-start their careers.

This year we have taken on 4 intern students to work on a new mobile app for our employees. They themselves came up with the mobile app idea based on the existing web app.


The Internship Project

The scope of the project was to design, build, and deliver a mobile app for Sandhata employees to record their timesheets. We wanted to overhaul the process for timesheet management and take advantage of new technologies available to create a high quality, simple to use service.

The intern team worked on this app alongside their studies – spending hours every evening after their classes on this project. They collaborated closely with Sandhata team members and worked iteratively, following a minimum viable product approach.


How was the app built?

The team took this opportunity to use some of the latest tech available at the moment, and followed industry best practices for UI design, architecture and source control, among other things.

The app has been delivered, rolled out to the Google Play Store and is full testing is currently underway. Continuous deployment practices have been followed, and updates can be deployed to the app store in minutes.


The main technologies used for this project:

  1. Flutter Framework – this supports both iOS and Android apps
  2. Dart – language designed for web/mobile app development
  3. GITHub – source control
  4. GITHub Actions – CICD pipelines
  5. FastLane – App store deployment
  6. Figma, Adobe XD – used to create both wireframes and graphic arts

 A valuable experience

This project has provided the intern team an opportunity to increase their skills in many technologies, deepen their understanding of business challenges, and learn new skills in situations they have not encountered before. For example, this project forced them to learn front-end design in addition to continuous deployment practices – neither of which they had exposure to in their studies.

“This internship was a great opportunity to work on something which will really make a difference, rather than being purely a training project. For me, the most enjoyable aspect was the close collaboration and partnership within the intern team.”

– Hishore Kumar S

This piece of work fulfilled a requirement for 2 members of the intern team to do a work placement during their studies. The other 2 team members chose to do this internship with Sandhata as an opportunity to broaden their business experience, get exposure to working for a UK company, and build a real-life product using cutting-edge technology.


The team



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