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Here at Sandhata we recognise that our employees are our most important assets, and we are proud to always provide consultants of a very high quality. To do this, we invest in our employees to help them grow their technical and personal skills and ensure they are exposed to a range of different client situations to broaden their experience.

Industry certification signals to customers, industry peers and within the organisation the breadth and depth of a person’s technical skills. Industry certification is also a useful tool for career progression and a valuable opportunity for employees.


Our recent certification drive has seen more than 100 top quality industry recognised certifications awarded to our consultants at associate and professional levels. There were a wide range of topics covered in the certifications including cloud, APIs, microservices, analytics, integration and more. In this certification drive, over 35 employees achieved formal recognition of their skills.


About Sandhata

We have helped many Tier-1 organisations achieve their DevOps goals, and we have led their Transformation projects, bringing in organisation-wide efficiencies and cultural change.

To find out more, take a look at our white papers, or contact us.


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As a member of the Sandhata specialist team, you will be equipped to operate on the very cutting edge of technology, in an ecosystem that is all about the future of business. Find out more.


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Roohi Razi

Roohi Razi is pursuing Msc in Digital Business and intern at Sandhata Technologies as Marketing consultant. She has worked as Design Engineer for electric vehicles at Scooter India Limited and delivered prestigious project like electric vehicle Safari, Ambulance and Trolley Bus.

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