Communication for a successful DevOps Culture

In the world of DevOps, everybody knows that getting the culture right is critical to business success. But how can it be done? In my opinion, it is largely about establishing the right communication baseline within teams and across the organisation.

It’s necessary to have a common understanding and usage of communication protocol, to empower all employees to use the available avenues of communication. This will help to maximise their productivity and the ability to direct their own work tasks.

Common goals and expectations

Defining and working towards shared goals has a large role to play in achieving a successful DevOps culture.
There needs to be cohesion within teams and across the organisation – but this relies on cooperation and efficiency from all staff. Shared goals evolve over time and are peppered with intricacies which mean that strong communication between team members is vital if those common goals are going to stay relevant for all parties going forward.

Keep Top Talent

Working in teams and organisations with very strong, open cultures is very attractive to a new employee, and is also one of the most important factors in retaining your most talented staff.
When it comes to communication, there are many variables. Different personalities, people’s current state of mind, the situation context, and preconceived ideas – all of these factors play a part in the outcome.

By learning to understand different communication styles and the driving factors influencing the people you engage with, you can start having meaningful exchanges.

Diverse teams flourish with open communication

Having teams made up of various different personalities is generally a positive thing, as each person brings something different. Consistently open communication means that you can learn the strengths of each person and use them to continually improve the way the team functions and performs. Without open communication this cannot happen, and the negative aspects of having a diverse team can outweigh the positives.

When communication is lacking

Established communication protocols set the baseline for relationships within teams and up and down the management hierarchy. While strong communication usually builds trust and reliability, misunderstandings can consistently stall progress towards goals.

Uncertainty or hesitation in communicating with colleagues wastes precious time and can cause frustration with yourself or others, which steals time and effort from pursuing shared goals to achieve the business success you are hoping for.

Want to improve your communications?

Here at Sandhata, we have developed a proven recipe for DevOps culture success which we help our clients to adopt throughout their projects. We enable organisations to bring people together with the help of clear and structured communication.

Want to know more?

Download our guide to transforming your DevOps journey and learn how to start building a powerful internal DevOps culture.


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