From College to Career

Choices shape and define us. Past choices mould us into who we are today and the ones we make today shape who we become tomorrow. In this blog post, I will share a brief story of how my career choices have helped shape me into who I am today. After all, aren’t we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions?

A passion for technology

Technology has always fascinated me. There is something almost tantalisingly powerful about it that draws me in. So, entering into IT was a choice I made purely out of passion – unlike countless others. I’ve was pretty sure about this choice even in high school and I have not regretted it once.

From high school to college

As I’ve always been pretty strong-minded about my goals, choosing a focus in high school was a piece of cake. Two years of dedicated hard work later, I secured the score I wanted and then decided to continue my learning journey. I started pursuing B-Tech IT at Panimalar Institute of Technology.
For me, as for most people, the college years were the best times of my life. College taught me all I needed to know to start off a career in the realm of IT, equipping me with sound knowledge in UNIX, Java, JMS, and admin support. I trained to become a software test engineer working on various stages of testing across the project lifecycle.

Choosing a specialism

If there was one thing I was sure about, it was this: The world outside of college – especially the world of software engineering – is peppered with competition. I knew I needed a little something “extra” to create a place for myself in the job market. I spent a reasonable amount of time researching and exploring the options available to me, and eventually narrowed it down to the field of Analytics. Hence, I went for a post-graduation in Business Analytics at SSN College of Engineering. That’s where I was introduced to the world of Big Data Science; the art of interpreting numbers and coming up with innovative solutions to various data related issues. The tools I came to learn included R, SAS, MYSQL, and Excel.

Life and career at Sandhata

I’d done my graduation and post-graduation, both with honours. Now I was equipped to step out into the world.

Being selected to work for Sandhata Technologies has been a bonus in more ways than one. It has given me the perfect head start in my career. Also, as a Sandhata consultant, I’m exposed to an array of responsibilities and diverse experiences. Currently, my work is focussed on testing as a QA Engineer, helping to deliver projects within tight deadlines. I’m learning a wide range of new technologies, and I am already a Certified Associate Developer in RIT.

Life at Sandhata is a mix of wonderful things. There is so much to look forward to. The work culture here is amazing and I’m happy to say that I’m one of those few fortunate people who have managed to make great friends in their workplace. My colleagues are fun and my superiors are very friendly.

Choices make the future

I really must say that so far, the choices I’ve made in my life and career have always led me to where I want to be. From high school to workplace; I’m happy to see how far I have come. But still, my journey has just begun. There are many more cross-roads yet to come, and lots of choices to be made. Whatever our journey looks like, I’m sure we can all learn some valuable lessons along the way – and make the career choices that are the best for us in the end.

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Jaishree V

Jaishree has been working at Sandhata for almost a year, having joined as a graduate. She specialises in testing tools and streamlining delivery cycles through automation. Jaishree is very passionate about all forms of software development, and is fascinated with new technology advances. She loves reading and she has recently started blogging too! Her motto is: "Take life the way it comes".

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