Software applications have become an essential source of business value for large organisations. That’s why it’s so important for companies to find ways to continually improve their software and cycle time to deliver it to market as fast as possible. So how can organisations reduce cost and time to market while still offering quality and enabling developers to focus on innovation?

On 17th April 2018, Priya Raju, Head of DevOps Advisory at Sandhata, talked to Rob Vanstone of XebiaLabs, and Barry Chandler. Their conversation focused on processes and tools for your software delivery and how to remove waste, boost productivity, and increase the power to innovate. Sharing tips and tricks from their experience in implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery in the field.

In this webinar, “Reduce Cycle Time at Scale” Sandhata and XebiaLabs will share tools to help you to control software delivery. Therefore, allowing you to embrace an engineering culture. There will be real world examples, illustration of common obstacles and strategies for successful implementation of a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Key questions are addressed, including…

  • Culture and organisation – how to change the mindset and look beyond current boundaries
  • How to overcome the internal politics
  • How to overcome Build vs Buy
  • Where do you start?
  • How to get visibility of where you are in your maturity level
  • How to overcome a lack of an Agile culture
  • Tooling – Centrally controlled or federated / Open Source or commercially available


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Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is Marketing Director at Sandhata Technologies. She brings more than 14 years' experience in software delivery across many different roles, technologies and industries to distill and articulate Sandhata's client stories in a variety of accessible, engaging and attractive formats.

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