The DevOps, Integration and IT transformation specialist, Sandhata has released details of its plans to attract young talent in Chennai and Hyderabad.

The campaign is being run by Sandhata’s Global HR Head, Radhika Boppana.New graduates are the target of the campaign. Applicants are assessed in a variety of areas prior to appointment, including Java and testing understanding. They also perform a written test covering logical reasoning, aptitude, understanding of programming concepts system testing and most importantly problem solving. The short listed candidates are then interviewed to determine their suitability for Sandhata in terms of organisational culture fit and potential development.

Successful candidates receive a structured learning and development programme specific to their personal needs as well as receiving personal mentoring from senior staff at Sandhata.

Commenting on the campaign Radhika Boppana said:

‘We are keen to welcome talent at all levels. However, by focussing on new graduates we have an opportunity to guide and nurture them at a critical stage of their development. By developing our talented internal pool we will enhance our capacity to meet ever increasing demand.”

Endorsing the initiative Sandhata CEO Gary Thornhill added:

“Given there is a global shortage of high quality candidates we need new talent to help us deliver our ambitious growth targets. We will help our new recruits adopt a modern DevOps mind-set. We want more than technical specialists, we are looking for people who embody our values and principles.”


Following rigorous testing, Sandhata is delighted to announce it has appointed two new graduates following this campaign.

153 graduates attended initial testing which included local reasoning, aptitude, problem solving and understanding of programming concepts. Candidates who cleared the initial testing then underwent further testing which included system testing, a technical interview and a HR interview.

Two outstanding candidates out of the 153 were appointed. They will receive a structured learning and development programme, as well as mentoring from senior Sandhata staff.

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Bronwyn Davies

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