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At Sandhata we have always had a strong corporate culture. From our strong team spirit to our support of Manavata, our core values are felt in everything we do.

Since COVID, culture has become even more critical in ensuring a your workforce is cohesive and able to deliver high quality work for clients. Since work from home has taken off, work life now commonly invades personal life, so creating a positive work culture is vital for employee wellbeing as well.

We at Sandhata take lot of pride in creating a positive work culture. We promote openness, work-life balance and multicultural integration. These qualities make us a vibrant family.


How do we achieve this positive work culture?

Here is our mantra:

  1. We reward hard work

We give out monthly and quarterly awards recognising employees for their contributions across every level, at clients, and internally. Recognizing hard work is critical for ensuring our employees feel connected and valued and creates a sense of belonging.


  1. We promote employee bonding

We provide opportunities and encourage people to celebrate their culture and festivals together. Since we are not able to meet in person as much as before COVID, we share pictures of how we are celebrating and the food we are making.


  1. We connect with employees often

We value each and every employee, and we are good listeners. Sandhata management reach out to people formally and casually to check in and talk through their current situation, identifying ways to support them, even for non-work related issues.


  1. We address physical and financial safety in the pandemic

We ensure employee’s needs and the needs of their family are covered if they are COVID impacted. In each of our offices in India we have an oxygen ventilator available for any employee, family member or friend to use if needed. There is a dedicated COVID team chat channel available for emergencies.


  1. We value different perspectives

We believe each new perspective is valuable and brings something to Sandhata. When hiring, we strive to employ people from different backgrounds and increase the diversity of Sandhata employees as we know this will strengthen our organisation and provide a healthier workplace for all.



One reason we have such a strong culture is that Sandhata has been associated with and supported Manavata since the start. Manavata is a humanitarian charity founded by Sandhata co-founder Srini Alluri which aims to improve quality of life and human values through voluntary initiatives.

We bring Manavata to our employees as well as clients. For example, recently Srini led a session for employees on healthy lifestyles. We also invite our clients to Manavata events to give our clients opportunity to learn, raise awareness of Manavata and reinforce our strong Sandhata values.

Kumaravel Narayanan

“I am very proud of our association with Manavata. From the start of Sandhata we have always contributed a portion of our profits into Manavata’s initiatives and we also encourage our employees to follow Manavata principles in their daily lives e.g. eat healthily, exercise, help people etc.”

– Kumaravel Narayanan, co-founder of Sandhata


Learn More

Read more about our corporate social responsibility and our history.

If you are interested in joining Sandhata, check out our careers page, or contact us.



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