Picture of Janani Priya. Text: Janani Priya, Trainee Analyst

We talk to Janani Priya who recently joined Sandhata as a graduate. She shares how she managed joining Sandhata during COVID, and her experiences so far.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Janani. I am from Chennai, India. In September 2020 I graduated from Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University with a degree in Engineering BTech (Information Technology). I really enjoyed my studies and am very proud to have secured the 2nd highest marks in my year.

During my course, I studied SQL, Java, Web Development and also achieved Prelims Level in “BEC – Business English Certificate”.


What did you do once you graduated?

During the COVID pandemic, getting job as a fresher is like “a tough row to hoe”. [Note: See Janani’s Tips & Tricks for Freshers post.] But without losing hope and I continued searching and eventually found a job in a logistics company as “Executive Documentation – Back End”, which is a non-IT industry.

Even though this wasn’t my first choice of industry I threw myself into the role to gain knowledge and skills and learnt everything I could about shipping and logistics.


Image of Janani Priya standing in a shopping centreHow did you come to join Sandhata?

Though I had a job now, I knew I wanted to work in IT, so I kept my IT skills up to date, and kept my profile active on all job sites as well as social media. Soon, by God’s grace, I was contacted by a recruiter and managed to get this role at Sandhata as “Trainee Analyst”.


How was your experience joining Sandhata during COVID?

I found the joining experience very smooth. I was happy and excited to receive my laptop and joiners kit before my start date! Whenever I had any question or needed support I reached out and got help quickly.


Which projects have you worked on since joining Sandhata?

My first task upon joining Sandhata was on web development, in which I got to use my skills gained at university. I have also worked on some internal Sandhata projects where I have made strong connections with my team mates and gained skills such as GIT, UI testing, HTML and more. During each of my different initial projects I was asked to deliver a mock project to test my knowledge and deepen my learning on each topic.

Recently I was posted to one of our clients where I joined a team working as a microservices developer on an exciting microservices project. It was so interesting, and I got exposure to tools such as Splunk, Kubernetes, JIRA, Postman, Hibernate, Maven, and Spring Boot. I have also worked on presentations and documents to help onboard other people to join the microservices team smoothly in future.


What is next for you, Janani?

I have recently done a certification course on Responsive Web Design and I am hoping to gain skills in other areas too, for example test automation, CICD, Integration, as well as presentation and writing skills.

“My time as Sandhata so far has nurtured my skills, helped me to gain confidence and realise how I can make my maximum contribution to Sandhata and our clients.”

My experience and perspective have broadened and the training I have provided others has strengthened my skills in many areas. Thank you, Sandhata, for supporting me.



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If you are interested in joining Sandhata, check out our careers page for the latest job openings and how to contact us.



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Janani Priya

Janani Priya is a Trainee Analyst at Sandhata Technologies from Chennai, India. Janani is an Engineering Graduate with a B.Tech degree in Information Technology, securing CGPA 9.16/10. She joined Sandhata as a fresher and is thriving in learning new skills, particularly in microservices, testing, web designing and full stack development.

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