The finalist nominations for the DevOps Industry Awards 2020 are out, and we are thrilled to be included.


Sandhata Technologies, in partnership with Vodafone UK, are very proud to have been announced as finalists in 2 categories at the DevOps Industry Awards 2020.

The DevOps Industry Awards celebrate the companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements when incorporating and adopting DevOps practices. The awards are judged by an independent panel of judges from some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Sandhata, in partnership with Vodafone UK, has been nominated as finalists at the DevOps Industry Awards 2020 in 2 categories:

  • Best Overall DevOps Project – Communication Sector
  • DevOps Team of the Year


What have we been recognised for?

  1. Best Overall DevOps Project – Communication Sector

This category recognises the TIL Transformation Project which introduced build, deploy and test automation to the integration Domain. This project focused on delivering agility and enabling the business to respond to market changes at speed.


  1. DevOps Team of the Year

This category recognises the epic achievements of the team who have delivered the sweeping build, deploy and test automation capabilities as part of the TIL Transformation Project. The team delivered significant improvements in quality, throughput and productivity by adopting DevOps best practices and behaviours.

The team themselves have also undergone a complete cultural shift and seen significant improvements in their own productivity by changing their mindset, adopting DevOps practices and processes, and embracing continual improvement.



We look forward to the live online awards ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday 27th January 2021. We would love to see you virtually at the awards ceremony!


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