DevOps Innovation Platform

Introducing the new Live DevOps Innovation Platform

In 2016 we started creating a live DevOps innovation platform internally in Sandhata. We have been working hard, with the goal of creating a platform which incorporates DevOps principles and practices across the whole delivery lifecycle. We want this platform to demonstrate various aspects of the delivery lifecycle, and expose the inner workings – so that the platform can be used to help others get a headstart on their continuous delivery journey and also plan their DevOps strategy based on our working example.

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DevOps Maturity

What is a DevOps Maturity Assessment?

One of the most difficult aspects of introducing DevOps to a business is to recognise the status quo, and what the potential challenges are. In many cases this really is crucial to understand how to begin the journey with an implementation roadmap that suits the specific DevOps maturity and needs of the organisation.

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Sandhata Technologies opens new office in Chennai, India

Sandhata opens office in Chennai
3rd May 2016 – Sandhata Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the official opening of its new Development Centre in India Land Tech Park, Chennai, India.

Speaking from the Chennai office, Gary Thornhill, Sandhata’s General Manager said, “We are pleased to announce our expansion in Chennai, it was a sensible choice for us as we are now closer to our existing and prospective clients in South India.  Having offices in Hyderabad & Chennai, we believe  will serve much better for our clients and growing business.”

Dashboard everything

Dashboard Everything

Across all application teams, but particularly those who are trying to embrace DevOps principles, dashboard technology has an important role to play. Dashboards are key enablers for collaboration within and across teams, and they are excellent at driving the application team in the right direction. They can be the boost that your team needs to get to the next level in your DevOps journey.

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Measuring DevOps success

How can we measure the success of DevOps?

A key part of your DevOps programme, and instrumental in its success, is how DevOps and your applications are measured. If this measurement is done well, it will provide accurate ROI, help you to manage progress towards your DevOps goals, and be a great help in evangelising DevOps success.

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