DevOps Maturity

One of the most difficult aspects of introducing DevOps to a business is to recognise the status quo, and what the potential challenges are. In many cases this really is crucial to understand how to begin the journey with an implementation roadmap that suits the specific DevOps maturity and needs of the organisation.

A DevOps Maturity Assessment is a controlled approach to taking the first steps towards embarking on, or understanding the effects of, any kind of DevOps journey.

How is a DevOps Maturity Assessment done?

A maturity assessment incorporates a series of interviews and discovery workshops to capture information in a structured way. The results are then presented in a report covering process gap analysis, tools inventory, KPIs, DevOps maturity levels, roadmap and key recommendations. These results help future changes to become proactive rather than reactive.

Our approach to this assessment is aligned with industry best practices.
We work with a series of interviews and workshops on site with the client, ensuring that all key stakeholders participate. The driving purpose here is to understand the current state of the organisation in terms of people, processes and tools, as well as the business goals and the various pain points experienced.

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We’re happy to discuss your requirements and walk you through the Maturity Assessment process in detail, to help you understand the genuine benefits to your business.

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Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is a senior DevOps consultant at Sandhata Technologies. She brings more than 12 years' experience in application development to help clients achieve their DevOps ambitions. With in-depth understanding of the financial industry, she is able to draw on her experiences and knowledge to provide best practise guidance and practical tips to organisations looking to reinvent their application development processes.