On this day, 15 years ago, a small yet ambitious consultancy was formed, focusing on delivering high quality system integration and IT transformation services to large organisations.

The 4 founders –  Srinivasa Alluri, Babji Vundavilli, Khalai Chelvan and Kumar Narayanan believed they could provide a better quality service than other System Integrators, with specialised and highly experienced consultants able to solve the important business problems for their clients.

Over the past 15 years, Sandhata has expanded and diversified, now offering services in System integration, IT Transformation, DevOps, Cloud services, DataOps and most recently DevOps for the mainframe. We have delivered services to more than 20 Tier 1 organisations and have built a strong reputation for tackling the most complex issues and optimising IT delivery across the enterprise.

When asked why he thinks Sandhata has been so successful, Khalai Chelvan, co-founder says:

Khalai Chelvan“The mantra: ‘Don’t just meet the expectations, exceed them!’ has served Sandhata well. Our employees embrace this principle and work relentlessly to provide custom solutions to our clients.

To each and every employee, I THANK YOU for every idea shared and every opportunity seized, and for your commitment and dedication towards our transformation from Integration services to cutting-edge DevOps and Innovation services.”


We are now a truly global organisation with 7 offices and employees in all corners of the world. Sandhata is an organisation where our consultants love to work. Indeed, many employees have been with us for more than 10 years!


Kumaravel Narayanan

“We live in an era where technology is evolving faster than ever before. Sandhata started life as an emerging technology service provider, but our focus has always been on “Innovation in line with the customer’s needs”. By widening our offerings and innovating with new technologies and scalable frameworks, we have continued to accelerate delivery for our clients. We believe this is why our clients continue to choose us year on year.”

–   Kumaravel Narayanan, co-founder.


Of course there have been ups and downs for the consultancy over the years. We have overcome the 2008 financial crisis and are still going strong through the current COVID pandemic.

Some of the highlights have been:

  1. Our in-house DevOps Innovation Platform which enables us to experiment and learn using cutting-edge technologies to ensure we are able to offer industry-leading, tool-agnostic solutions tailored for our clients.
  2. Opening of our 3rd office in India (in Pune) in 2020
  3. A donation-matching scheme for the Manavata COVID-19 emergency appeal
  4. Recognition at industry-wide DevOps events such as DevOps Excellence Awards and European Software Testing Awards.


Reflecting on Sandhata’s story so far, Babji Vundavilli, co-founder, says:

“Fifteen years is a significant milestone – time sure does fly by!  There have been many challenges and positive experiences that I have learned from and I appreciate them all.  Our continued success comes from our two biggest assets, our employees and our customers.

To all our employees, customers, family and friends – I thank you for your continued support and dedication.”

We hope to be here for many more years to come, working as trusted partners with our clients, using industry best-practices and cutting-edge tech to solve their business problems.


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Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is Marketing Director at Sandhata Technologies. She brings more than 14 years' experience in software delivery across many different roles, technologies and industries to distill and articulate Sandhata's client stories in a variety of accessible, engaging and attractive formats.

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