Sandhata launched a donation matching scheme to support the Manavata COVID-19 Emergency Appeal on 14th May 2020. Sandhata pledged to match employee donations to Manavata to  provide much needed support in this time of greatly increased social need.

To date Sandhata has raised over £8,000 to Manavata which has already assisted their work on the ground.

“At Sandhata we have always had a very strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and we have been actively supporting Manavata since Sandhata formed in 2005. We are very proud to have donated over £8000 to Manavata from the extremely generous donations from our employees. Thank you to each and everyone who has donated.”

– Babji Vundavilli, COO

Corporate social responsibility is a key part of Sandhata’s way of operating, and their core values are shared throughout the organisation at all levels. Sandhata continues to support people and communities and is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our employees to help out in this time of great need.

Sandhata supports Manavata, a humanitarian charity, in their mission to improve people’s quality of life through education, health initiatives and move towards eco-friendly livelihoods. Manavata’s COVID-19 Emergency Appeal centres on providing food, medical packages and support, yoga and more. Manavata works to protect our communities by strengthening our human-case system – which has become even more important in this global time of need.

If you wish to donate, see here

Manavata is a registered charity in India, US, UK. For more information visit

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