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Raising up women, people from less privileged backgrounds and folks who have had a long career break.


Here at Sandhata, we know that our actions, and the way we operate as an organisation, can have a huge impact on the lives of our people. We take our responsibility to our employees and potential employees very seriously.

Here are just a few ways we help to make our workforce more diverse, and support our employees by striving for an inclusive workplace.


Empowering women

In recent years we have made gender equality a key priority in Sandhata. We were aware that we had a very low percentage of women employees and made the decision to increase this ratio in addition to investing more resources to more effectively support the women who already work for Sandhata.

In just the last two years, we have grown from 15% women at Sandhata to 27% women at Sandhata. We have high hopes and aim to reach gender parity in the next few years.


Supporting those from less privileged backgrounds

We make a conscious effort to recruit from less privileged backgrounds. Merit is a factor of course but we aim to give opportunities to those who are more in need of our support. For example, during recruitment we may give priority to someone who is the first graduate in their family, living in a rural area, or someone who may need financial support.


Restarting careers

We have also helped many people to restart their careers after a long break. Sometimes a person with a multi-year career break may struggle to find employment, but at Sandhata we prioritise providing opportunities for people who have worked in IT but had a long break. We also support them once hired to learn new skills and ensure they are given a range of opportunities.



Here at Sandhata we strive to be as inclusive as possible, and we listen closely to our employees and try to find ways to do better. We have a few initiatives in the pipeline which will open up conversations and give us more opportunities to evolve how we work, and to ensure diversity and inclusion is a priority across all aspects of our business.


Learn More

Read more about our corporate social responsibility and our history.

If you are interested in joining Sandhata, check out our careers page, or contact us.


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