Hear from Yamini Sathrasala, who shares her experience working at Sandhata, learning new skills, and navigating health issues.


Tell us about your role at Sandhata

My name is Yamini Sathrasala. I am a consultant, currently working as an Managed File Transfer (MFT) developer for one of our clients, Vodafone.

What was your experience joining Sandhata as a fresher?

I graduated with MCA (Master of Computer Applications) and joined Sandhata in October 2019 as a fresher. I didn’t know how the office environment would be and was nervous to start a job in a new company as a fresher (as I felt like I would be at the bottom).

Despite my nerves, Sandhata treated me very well in every aspect. As I was one of the youngest people in the Chennai office when I joined, my colleagues were very caring and looked after me. Being a fresher with no experience of an office environment, it’s difficult to mingle in the work environment, but all my colleagues helped and supported me in many situations, both personal or professional.

When I joined Sandhata initially I worked with one of our financial clients for 6 months before being placed with my current client.


Which projects are you currently working on?Yamini Sathrasala

Currently I am working in the MFT team on a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) tool between sources and destinations. I do MFT development and support releases.

When I was placed in MFT team, I was a bit scared to go to there initially. But my managers encouraged me by telling me the importance of MFT and how training will be given to upskill me. They also encouraged me by saying “It is an opportunity for you. Initially it will be difficult but by working on it then you will get the hang of it and learn some new skills.” So, I am getting better now. I have learnt a lot in MFT and am assigned to many MFT tasks now.


How have you benefitted from joining Sandhata?

In my time at Sandhata, I have gained confidence to explore things myself, improve myself and learnt how to overcome difficult situations.

Sandhata will provide the opportunities, we need to push ourselves to explore them.


What is Sandhata like as an employer?

Sandhata treats its employees very well. The office environment is very friendly and there is no superiority complex with any of the team. Sandhata will provide many career opportunities to all by providing training, and other opportunities for team members to learn new skills and use them. Sandhata will engage you in extra curricular activities as well, for example during festivals and other special days.

Regarding health, Sandhata is very considerate and aware of employee needs. In my case, I faced a health problem once. I am diagnosed with kidney stones and needed to take leave. Sandhata management accepted my sudden leaves with no issues and were concerned about my health. When I returned to work they took good care of me very well, and gave suggestions and advice also.

I know I am lucky here at Sandhata. My friends are also working in software companies, but if they want leave because of a health problem, they sometimes struggle to get leave easily.

I am proud of Sandhata, as it treats employees well in all aspects, looking beyond the “resource” to the actual person.


How has your time at Sandhata shaped your career?

Sandhata has helped me improve my skills in communicating with senior people and I have had the opportunity to learn many different things in a work environment. I came from a small town in India (Srikalahasthi, Andhra Pradesh) and completed all my studies there (schooling, degree and post graduate). Now no one can believe that I have completed my schooling in my local government high school because of my good communication skills and my position in Sandhata. I have used all the opportunities I have been given and now I am the only women who is working equally to my brothers in my family.


What’s next for you?

I will deepen my experience in MFT and TIBCO BW. I am hoping to gain skills in many other areas as well, for example Python. The experience and training I have provided to others in the TIL and MFT areas makes me confident I can gain other skills as well.

Thank you Sandhata for supporting, encouraging and taking a chance on me.



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