Sandians and their loved ones gathered to support wellness and harmony at the Manavata 3H Family Retreat UK 2023, organized by our valued charity partner. Sandhata empowered our team to take part in this meaningful event, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle for all. Join us in our mission to support the well-being of others!

In this 3-day event in Guildford, UK  we encouraged and inspired our people to embrace eco-friendly lifestyles while focusing on the importance of human values and quality of life.

People of all ages, from young children to adults, participated in a rejuvenating event surrounded by the beautiful woods of Guildford. The Manavata volunteers provided healthy and nutritious food with love and care.

Manavata planned and executed a diverse range of activities for this retreat, ensuring a dynamic and memorable experience for all participants.

We embarked on an unforgettable journey and escaped the hustle and bustle of technology with our Day One trekking and nature walk.  The children connected with nature and learned the value of their beloved ancestors and parents. We immersed ourselves in the enlightening Pada Puja ritual and received blessings from our loved ones.

We wrapped up the day by indulging in group meditation and rediscovering inner harmony.

Women Of Sandhata At Manavata  Event

Joining the event, the Women of Sandhata (WOS) team seized an invaluable opportunity to connect with individuals who share their vision for a brighter, more inclusive society.

WOS (Women of Sandhata) aims to empower the women’s community in Sandhata by organizing a series of beneficial initiatives in the upcoming months. These programs will be facilitated by dedicated Manavata volunteers and experts.

  1. Women’s Yoga: We will offer specialized yoga sessions focusing on women’s wellness. These sessions will address specific health needs and promote physical and mental well-being.
  2. Kitchen Farming: Discover the joys of gardening in your own kitchen or garden! Our program will provide valuable insights into home farming techniques, allowing participants to grow their own fresh produce for use in home cooking. With summer approaching in the UK, this initiative promises to be a delightful experience for gardening enthusiasts.
  3. Women’s Health: Gain knowledge about prevalent health issues that affect women and learn preventive measures to ensure a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our experts will guide participants in understanding and addressing common health concerns, empowering them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

These initiatives by WOS and the involvement of Manavata volunteers and experts are designed to uplift the women’s community in Sandhata, promoting their overall development and enhancing their quality of life.

About Manavata

Sandhata has been a devoted supporter of Manavata, serving as its chosen charity partner since Sandhata’s establishment in 2005. The founder of Sandhata, Srini Alluri, also happens to be the visionary behind Manavata, an organization that has been positively impacting lives for over three decades.

Guided by the powerful motto “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” Manavata relentlessly pursues its mission of creating a Healthy, Happy, and Harmonious (3H) world. The organization extends its reach through various initiatives, including providing valuable education to underprivileged children and promoting environmental conservation through activities such as natural farming workshops, tree plantation drives, and campaigns to raise awareness about our precious Mother Earth.

In alignment with their focus on health, Manavata supports numerous healthcare centers and facilitates blood donation initiatives, among other welfare programs, with the ultimate goal of fostering well-being among individuals.

Sandhata’s unwavering financial support for Manavata reflects their shared commitment to making a meaningful difference in society. By joining forces, they strive to create a better world and inspire others to embrace positive change.

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