Sandhata Forms Partnership with XebiaLabs

Sandhata in partnership with XebiaLabs9 February, 2017 Sandhata Technologies has teamed up with XebiaLabs, a recognised leader in DevOps and Continuous Delivery software tools, to provide highly tailored products and support to financial institutions using DevOps to increase the quality, speed and value of their software delivery process.

The XebiaLabs top-ranked DevOps platform has been adopted for more efficient and safe Continuous Delivery and Application Release Automation (ARA) by major financial services organisations around the world, such as Lloyds, Rabobank and Société Générale. ARA has become essential for DevOps success, as more and more enterprises seek to improve the speed and quality of their software while reducing risk.

Meanwhile, Sandhata has a significant footprint in the financial services industry, developing highly tailored DevOps projects for some of the most severely regulated banks and financial institutions worldwide.

“Sandhata offers both expertise in managing complex DevOps implementations and impressive consultancy experience gained from working with financial organisations to meet their specific needs,” says Coert Baart, Senior Vice President EMEA/APAC for XebiaLabs. “We’re excited to partner with them to better serve the UK financial market in its ongoing DevOps transformation.”

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DevOps Maturity

What is a DevOps Maturity Assessment?

One of the most difficult aspects of introducing DevOps to a business is to recognise the status quo, and what the potential challenges are. In many cases this really is crucial to understand how to begin the journey with an implementation roadmap that suits the specific DevOps maturity and needs of the organisation.

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Introducing the Sandhata DevOps Advisory Service

Sandhata DevOps Advisory Services

23rd January 2017  Sandhata Technologies are proud to introduce the Sandhata DevOps Advisory Service – a unique service approach that aims to support organisations throughout their journey to successful DevOps implementation and management.

In recent years, DevOps has become an established methodology that has helped countless businesses to accelerate their output and improve IT delivery. But while DevOps as a concept has become more commoditized, many organisations now struggle to manage the transformation from start to finish.

The Sandhata DevOps Advisory Service is designed to support organisations throughout their DevOps journey, from assessment to optimisation, understanding the impact of strategic goals of the business. With the help of tailored KPIs, Sandhata provides businesses with greater control of their investments in DevOps.

“What truly sets this service apart,” says Gary Thornhill, General Manager at Sandhata, “is our focus on building genuine partnerships with our clients, helping them to embrace change. We enable teams not only from a technical perspective introducing the tools and the systems into the organisation, but we work alongside them to create the cultural shift. That mindset change is a necessary part of a successful DevOps puzzle, but one that many companies overlook.”

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Dashboard everything

Dashboard Everything

Across all application teams, but particularly those who are trying to embrace DevOps principles, dashboard technology has an important role to play. Dashboards are key enablers for collaboration within and across teams, and they are excellent at driving the application team in the right direction. They can be the boost that your team needs to get to the next level in your DevOps journey.

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