Data Dresses and IT culture

How often do you spend hours shopping, online or in store, and end up buying something that’s less than perfect? With limited choice available, you find yourself compromising colour against fit, fit against material or material against size. But we’re starting to see a shift.

Major changes are happening

What if you instead could get a dress that is perfectly customised for you – at a price you can afford? It seems like we are not very far from making that dream a reality.

Sometimes I feel like my world view is so narrow that I don’t register what’s going on outside of my interest areas: work, fitness, childcare and fashion. I often don’t realise how much I might be missing. At least that’s how I felt when I first heard about the joint venture of Google and H&M, marketing customised clothing based on consumer interests. My initial reaction was “This is cool! Where it is launched – and when?”

Minutes later, my business mindset launched into action, destroying the fun. I started thinking about big data, analytics, disruption, value propositions, business pitches, deals, success…

Driving and managing disruption

I am not here to promote London Business School, but I thoroughly enjoyed Professor Costas Markides‘s talk “How to manage disruption?” where he highlighted the changes in the behaviour of our customers and employees due to digital disruption. Some of the statistics he shared were not only interesting but certainly provided food for thought. Especially, in terms how we need to realign our business strategies to survive this disruption.

Organisations that understand this change, that can embrace it and be responsive to it in time, will not only be able to survive this disruption but will have the power to take advantage of it.

The changing IT culture

We all know about these shifts in customer behaviour: A highly mobile culture, well-informed customers, digital disruption. But, it was interesting to see the statistics showing such a strong future trend. In fact, it was reassuring to me in my role as head of DevOps Advisory, knowing that we are certainly moving in the right direction.

It is all about creating an IT culture that can enable the business to respond positively to disruption. As well as be successful while keeping their customers happy!

Of course, this IT culture should be complemented with the right capabilities – such as DevOps, Agile, Continuous Delivery, BI and Analytics and others. These make your business leaner, faster, smarter and more reliable.


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Priya Raju

Priya Raju is Global Head of Delivery at Sandhata Technologies. She brings a wealth of experience to Sandhata Technologies after spending over 16 years of her professional career in the IT industry. In her current role she leads a team to deliver enterprise wide change with tooling across software development and QA practices, specialising in test automation; and has developed bespoke process frameworks.