Discover a unique DevOps platform

As part of our drive to help businesses achieve success on their DevOps journey, we have created a stand-alone DevOps innovation platform. This is a unique approach which allows us to demonstrate DevOps principles and practices across the whole delivery lifecycle – in a way that is easy to review and understand.

The DevOps Innovation Platform runs a fully-featured application called Sandhata Bank, which illustrates key principles for DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Areas covered include…

  • Smart infrastructure and environment using containers and cloud
  • Continuous business risk assessment using continuous testing
  • Controlled, secured and accelerated release automation
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation using Sandhata’s outcome-driven KPI framework

Why did we build this?

The DevOps innovation platform is the perfect way to experience and scrutinise an end-to-end DevOps implementation in real-time. The entire technical configuration is exposed, including the Continuous Delivery framework, which helps you to think through your DevOps strategy and identify potential pitfalls before investing.

What's in it for our clients?

The end-to-end DevOps innovation platform is an excellent springboard for ideas during discussions, giving a much richer starting point than a slide deck. The innovation platform also facilitates plug-and-play scenarios of various real-time use cases, enabling us to build prototype demos for you based on your needs. The innovation platform can provide a medium for us to help troubleshoot any specific technical issues you come up against, for example during a Proof-of-Technology process.

What's in it for our partners?

In building this live DevOps innovation platform, we have partnered with leading tools vendors in the DevOps space. The DevOps innovation platform is just one way in which we engage our partners, to work together to provide DevOps thought leadership. It allows us to preview and influence their roadmap of tools development to maximise the benefits to our customers – and in turn add value to our partners.

What's in it for us?

The DevOps innovation platform gives us the capability to design and build new DevOps solutions in-house which we use to provide in-depth cross-training for each of our consultants on DevOps principles holistically, including implementation and potential pitfalls using real-life application settings. It enables us to install, integrate and test any new technologies (and plugins), ensuring that we have a deep working understanding of the latest products available.

The end result is essentially an evolving implementation of our body of knowledge on DevOps principles and best practices on different tools. The platform, along with the Agile and collaborative processes we use daily, attract highly motivated individuals to our DevOps team, and help to retain the best talent in Sandhata.

Our investment and ongoing commitment

As a business, we are committed to maintaining our place at the forefront of DevOps innovation. Our platform features more than 30 open source tools, and utilises cloud and container technology. This DevOps innovation platform is key to our ongoing DevOps strategy, and we will continue to incorporate new tools and practices to keep pace with the DevOps movement.
If you would like to see a live demo, we can show our innovation platform with a focus on any of the following areas:

  • CICD
  • Continuous Testing
  • KPIs and Analytics
  • End to end open source toolstack

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