Mainframe Test Automation

Get to market quicker with Mainframe Test Automation!

Is mainframe testing a ball and chain slowing you down?

Do you have armies of mainframe resources performing large amounts of manual testing?

Are your mainframe systems holding you back from delivering change?

Empower your mainframe testing teams and lift them into the 21st century with Robotic Process Automation!

As DevOps infiltrates deeper into organisations and smaller projects become more commonplace, the shackles of lengthy, cumbersome, manual testing are becoming more of a burden. Bringing DevOps to your mainframe is the only way to stay competitive in the ever changing marketplace.

Introducing mainframe test automation using RPA is a key enabler to beginning your mainframe DevOps journey. It will finally reduce your dependence on large mainframe testing teams and permit smaller, more agile teams who can deliver short test cycles, in line with your other platforms already reaping the benefits of DevOps.


This solution overview includes:

  • RPA capabilities for mainframe
  • How RPA test automation can make a difference to your projects
  • How we help our customers get the most out of mainframe test automation with RPA