Agile Change Management Process

Introduce true agility into your change management process

Heavyweight, cumbersome change management can cripple a company’s ability to achieve their DevOps goals and deliver change at speed. We have delivered ground-breaking solutions to our customers, removing the bottleneck of change management and liberating organisations to help unlock the value of their DevOps initiatives.

This solution overview looks at the barriers to a truly Agile Change Management Process, how we work with our customers to transform their Change Management, and includes a detailed case study.

You will learn…

  • Why we are passionate about Agile Change Management
  • The most common barriers to an Agile Change Management Process
  • How we help our customers to achieve true agility

A case study detailing how we implemented an Agile Change Management Process at a global Bank:

  • The business challenges they were facing on a daily basis
  • How the new Agile Change Management Process improved their efficiency and speed of software delivery
  • Commercial and non-commercial benefits of the Agile Change Management Process