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Join us for this live webinar where our very own Gary Thornhill, along with Gary Hallam of Delphix, will outline and demonstrate how to provision fully data-compliant mainframe environments on demand through self-service, running on-prem or in the cloud, across dev and test.


We will discuss and demonstrate how PopUp MainframeTM enables virtualisation and automation of all types of mainframe data (including DB2, VSAM and other flat files). PopUp MainframeTM allows you to extract mainframe volumes into a pre-configured environment that is then combined with the award winning virtualisation and masking features of Delphix to provide unfettered access to data. These versatile secured virtual mainframes can then be harnessed to deliver value across the enterprise for a whole variety of business objectives.


PopUp MainframeTM offers incredible versatility and can be deployed and replicated across the enterprise, both on premise and in hybrid clouds for production offload, test data management and application development purposes.


Example Use Cases

  • Offload Production and Test LPAR Processing Costs
  • Reduce the Mainframe MIPS requirement and enable huge cost savings
  • Provide rapid access to Mainframe data and integrate with your distributed systems data
  • Drive DevOps adoption for your Mainframe applications
  • Unlock the value in your Mainframe data to drive AI and ML projects
  • Easily clone and baseline (bookmark) mainframe environment copies
  • Providing Mainframe Developers and Testers with their own environments to accelerate application development and release cycles
  • Enable rapid Incident resolution by providing break-fix environments at user-defined points in time



Learn more

Learn more about PopUp Mainframe, download our Solution Overview, or contact our team.



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Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies is a senior DevOps consultant at Sandhata Technologies. She brings more than 12 years' experience in application development to help clients achieve their DevOps ambitions. With in-depth understanding of the financial industry, she is able to draw on her experiences and knowledge to provide best practise guidance and practical tips to organisations looking to reinvent their application development processes.