Sandhata PopUp Mainframe delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution with IBM’s zD&T mainframe emulator pre-installed, preconfigured and ready for work on any enterprise hardware you choose.


PopUp Mainframe enables the instant rollout of a mainframe for testing, development, R&D, software evaluation or training – integrated seamlessly with your IT estate.


PopUp Mainframe enables organisations to include mainframe in their cloud strategy. It removes the need for siloed mainframe skills, making mainframe environment self-service a reality.


How quickly can you setup a PopUp Mainframe?

Sandhata Popup Mainframe can be installed and run instantly like an App on desktop, server (in VMs and Containers) and the Cloud.

What does PopUp Mainframe cover?

+ any 3rd Party Software. It is a fully provisioned mainframe.

What can I do on PopUp Mainframe?

Anything that you might already do on a mainframe – testing and development, R&D, third party software evaluation, training for testers and developers.

How many instances of PopUp Mainframe can I have?

As many as you need. You can have one or multiple Linux servers running zD&T and you can save zD&T’s config, system and application data at any point in the zD&T’s life and restore it at will.

Why Sandhata PopUp Mainframe?

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the need for organisations to digitally transform and to find ways to save time and money. Until now, mainframes have been hugely expensive to upgrade or change with niche skills required to manipulate managed environments.

This has led Sandhata to develop PopUp Mainframe, harnessing the power of IBM’s zD&T mainframe emulator to enable you to spin up as many mainframe environments as you need, cheaply and quickly. Development teams or individuals can now have their own mainframe to boost project performance to a new level.

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