We are proud to launch two new APIs. These are available through our API Platform.


Sandhata’s API Platform offers reliable, low cost APIs which are openAPI compliant. These APIs are ready to integrate with your systems. They offer services which will save your business time and money.


1. Validate Phone Number


Does your Business deal with telephone (landline / mobile) numbers nationally & internationally?

Would you like to ensure you have the right phone numbers and not fraudulent ones?


Our new API: ValidatePhoneNumber can help!


The ValidatePhoneNumber API from Sandhata’s API Platform helps you to validate a phone number. It gives you information about the country where the number is registered, the carrier with whom the number is registered and the status of validation.


This information can help by preventing calls to incorrect numbers, and reducing risk.



2. Validate Email


In digital world we live in, email is often the preferred method of communication between businesses and customers.


Our new ValidateEmail API helps you to ensure you are using a correct and valid email address.


Validating email addresses prior to sending can help prevent fraudulent activities. All parts of your business will benefit from this quick and easy check.


The ValidateEmail API ensures the correct syntax as well as performing an SMTP check.



Get Started


Ready to start using Sandhata’s API Platform? Head over to our API page for more information, and check out the API Portal.




Learn More


Sandhata has a wide range of skills and experience in delivering APIs and microservices to companies across a range of industries. We deliver cutting-edge services, tailored to help you achieve your business objectives.


We also offer a full API Platform service for enterprises. Contact us if you would like more information on how we can support you.


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