PopUp Mainframe


PopUp MainframeTM

Liberate your teams from the bottleneck of mainframe test environments

Do you struggle to get time on the mainframe for testing, development and R&D?

Are your IT changes inhibited without a mainframe test environment?

Would you love to be able to run mainframe in the cloud?

If so, PopUp MainframeTM may be the answer you need! PopUp MainframeTM allows you to spin up and integrate with a mainframe on-demand and removes the bottlenecks in getting a slot on the ‘real mainframe’.

“With PopUp MainframeTM, you can now build, provision and take down environments on mainframe in line with other Distributed systems – both on prem and in the cloud. This is very powerful as with the right process and tooling you can do full CI/CD on Mainframe technology without having to logon to a green screen or bear the cost of expensive physical servers in test. At Sandhata we have the skills and experience to help you get the most out of PopUp MainframeTM on your modernisation journey.”

– Gary Thornhill, CEO

This solution overview includes:

  • Capabilities of PopUp MainframeTM
  • How PopUp MainframeTM can transform your projects
  • Detailed use cases for PopUp MainframeTM

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