DevOps for Mainframes

Delivering ground breaking solutions for lean and responsive mainframes

Mainframe systems pose unique challenges when it comes to DevOps, particularly around heavy-weight governance, infrastructure and environments, lack of automation, and cultural silos. We deliver cutting-edge solutions to optimise the performance of Mainframe Platforms.

This solution overview looks at the barriers to Mainframe DevOps, the solutions to those barriers, and how we work with our Mainframe customers to transform their Mainframe.

You will learn…

  • Why we are passionate about implementing DevOps for Mainframes
  • The most common barriers to DevOps for Mainframes
  • How we help our Mainframe customers

Focusing on mainframe batch test automation:

  • Why Mainframe batch systems are less responsive to change
  • Our approach to accelerating Mainframe batch changes
  • An example implementation of Mainframe batch test automation


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