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Continuous Delivery Through DevOps

Everything we do at Sandhata from the get go is focused on how to get quality code into production quickly and drive revenue for your business. We are experts in the automation of Integration. 

Our People

We don’t expect our clients to bear the burden of inexperienced or junior integrators and understand that this is not the level of service that you would expect from your chosen integrator. 

Our Approach

Sandhata has developed a reputation for delivering complex projects throughout the capital markets, telco and government verticals. When you look at the expertise and methodology our staff bring to any project it is not hard to see why this should be the case.

Customer Success

We believe that what our customers say about us underlines our commitment to quality and reliability.

About Sandhata Technologies

Sandhata has developed its own integration methodology (MDLC) that can offer simple and flexible solutions to complex issues such as regulatory compliance. Our extensive experience in capital markets, telecommunications and retail enable us to provide quality and reliability in every customer interaction. The Sandhata MDLC covers:

  • Architecture and consulting
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Design and development
  • Application support
  • QA and testing

Sandhata covers the following:

  • Enterprise architecture specialising in SOA, ESB, BPM and integration architecture and governance.
  • Creating robust and flexible architectures that can be communicated to senior stakeholders and users across the middleware development lifecycle (MDLC)
  • Running the Vendor selection process developing key criteria with the client, consulting senior stakeholders and IT Teams to ensure the long term strategy will deliver ROI
  • Ensuring designs are simple and understandable, both by junior professionals and offshore teams. This means that reuse is maximized across the enterprise that have less experienced resources reducing cost without compromising on quality, as all designs are vigorously QA’d as part of the MDLC that Sandhata tailors individually for each client.


Sandhata Architects and Consultants ensure that the delivered designs are realised and true to form by conducting regular reviews and workshops as set out in the MDLC


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